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November 23, 2008

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Spey Casting Sweetness From Seoul

Jeong Park of Seoul, Korea.

Totally Speechless...

Happy Monday.



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Chad Love

Could someone please teach me how to cast like that?
As a primarily low-born heathen baitcaster I sometimes get a little tired of hearing about how superior fly-fishing is to well, virtually everything.
And while I still believe that strictly as a fishing technique flyfishing is no better or worse than any other I have to say that as a statement of grace and physical poetry nothing else even comes close.

tim romano

filthy heathen,

Oh wait, you didn't use the word filthy. Sorry.

Yeah, me too. Something tells me that you could practice your whole life and never cast like this. Simply amazing- and yes while I agree that no techniques are really better or worse (Deeter may disagree) it'd be tough to make bait/spin casting look like this.


That is poetry in motion. Beautiful.
I haven't ever been able to catch line in my mouth like that...but I have whacked the back of my head with a clouser a time or two...does that count?

Kirk Deeter

We will never cast this well, for one simple reason...

We're men.

Testosterone has a way of getting in the way of cast timing and grace.

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

Lol... Completely agree, after all the kids on the block I am trying to teach how to fly fish, the guys always rush the cast and plant the hook in something (usually me)The girls (Yea, I won, I found one that LOVES Fly fishing)(Mine!) can through a perfect loop, (For all of you that don't speak flyfish that is a cast) and they don't care if they don't catch a fish they just love to be there.

Tyler P

Lame music and cool scenery.....I can beat her left handed...blindfolded


Would bring a tear to a glass unreal display of all round casting .......

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