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November 05, 2008

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Free Sunglasses - Name the Spot


Enough of this election nonsense. It's time for some free stuff!

The first person to correctly name the exact spot and species being fished for will receive a pair of Oakley Straight Jacket sunglasses.

Since these are sweet shades you also have to answer when the best time of year to fish this area is and why. This doesn't have to be a long answer, but enough to educate our fellow flytalk members. If this single image proves too difficult I will post more hints throughout the day.

Good Luck. The winner will be named tomorrow.





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Fishing Jones

Jamaica Bay?


chesapeake bay stripers?


I am going to say The Jersey shore for migrating Striped bass?
Something also tells me you may be on the Gulf after Reds perhaps.....Hell Tim for all I know its Chicago in the backdrop and you are on Lake Michigan.


It could be one of the more exotic locales wherein Romano has wet his line.


Hmmmm...need some hints.


Myrtle Beach, SC for Redfish

tim romano

not so exotic. another photo will be forthcoming shortly.


some kind of trash fish, erie, pennsylvania

tim romano

trash fish? like texas bass? or Texas carp?

tim romano

remember, to win the glasses I need a full answer. Where, for what species, best time of year to fish this location and why.


Biscayne Bay?


I'm with Fishing Jones

you are here: http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&ll=40.639619,-73.840828&spn=0.035235,0.065575&t=h&z=14

Jamaica Bay, NY - That's Kennedy in the b'ground.
Stripers, 'cause they come in after peanut bunkers


...in the fall.


...in the fall.


pike or walleye somewhere up north, just guessing by the weird boat.


actually looks like another country looking at that 2 stroke (?) engine and tiller.

Evan V

Newark, New Jersey.
Why and what?
Stripers running in the spring that are hungry.

fishing jones

Shoot man, I never read the instructions. Jamaica Bay NY, fishing for striped bass.

The best times to fish there for striped bass are the early spring when the stripers start their migration up from the Chesapeake or down from the Hudson and are very very hungry.

Or I'd say November, now, when the big bass are following the bait down the coast and into the bays on the fall run and you may just get a fat cow.


brook trout, rocky mountain national park?

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

Chicago Illinois for salmon...

Strip Set

Definitely Jamaica Bay, NY. However, I am going to say they are targeting blue fish due to the fact the everyone else said stripers, which would be the obvious choice. However, if you notice in the picture the angler is lipping the fish, so of course I too am thinking striper, but he is looking at it with utter disdain, so I am thinking they are targeting blues but can't keep the filthy stripers off the line.

Strip Set

Sorry, did not finish before hitting send. I think TR is hitting us with a trick question as Jamaica Bay has a resident population of blues (and stripers for that matter) so the fishing can be epic all year long....

Tampa Bay Fl spoted sea trout .


I'm impressed.


ohio river headwaters

for yinzer brats, hoagies, and acid wash jeans


Potomac River, Bass, Late Spring through Summer, Crawdads and Bait Fish are plentiful.

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