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November 03, 2008

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Fish 'Should be rebranded as Sea Kittens'


"If everyone started calling fish 'sea kittens,' they'd be a lot less likely to violently kill them for food, painfully hook them for 'sport,' or cruelly confine them to aquariums," a spokeswoman said.


Who subscribes to PETA cartoons anyway? These people are nuts. Check out the entire story here.

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I subscribe to them for the free stickers they send, and the vegetarian starter kits, and to get a good look at what certain celebs are endorsing(so I don't go to their movies). I get a good laugh out of most of it, honestly.

Chad Love

aw man, why didn't I see this?
Sea Kittens, I love it...

Blue Ox

I hook and kill fish because I'm hungry. Otherwise I let them go.
Dig the picture, who fishes in a suit?
I love dude's hat, too.
What the petafiles will never understand is the fact that life feeds on life. There is no avoiding it, no escape from it.
Life feeds on life.
That's just the way it is.

Blue Ox


Dude in the pic looks like he's written one TPS report too many...


PETA, People Eating Tasty Animals. Been a member of dat one all my life. :)
Oh, OX dat stuff is funny!!!!!!

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

Coming from the people that support killing animals... Don't beleve my look up "Bull$hit PETA" and watch the whole video.


make no mistake, catch and release fishing is harrassment. i'm not going to stop doing it, but at least let's acknowledge what it is. morally, it makes more sense to kill what you catch. (i'm smoking 10 big redfish fillets tonight although i release 95% of the redfish i catch).

unfortunately our fisheries are so diminished by wanton greed/waste, pollution, habitat destruction...that we can't sustain killing everything we catch. but the business of fly/sport fishing has become so corrupted that we are commercializing and encouraging the harassment of animals for our pleasure. look at put-and-take trout fisheries for example.

a very smart vegetarian friend of mine 20 years ago profoundly said 'vegetarianism is an american solution to an american problem'. although PETA's platform extends well beyond dietary concerns, it's easy to make fun of their point of view, as extreme as it may seem to some, but try and understand the context in which an organization like that even exists: counterbalance.

Evan V

Perhaps now the leaders of PETA can be forced to go in for a pysch evaluation?


Where i come from we kill sea kittens relativly often. but we call them "Cat fish".

Fly Fish Chick

What about Sea Monkeys? I bought some Sea Monkeys out of the back of a comic book in 1980. Do you think PETA would be mad that I flushed them down the toilet?


Not a problem if we start eating cats. I could really make a bad joke here.

Say, DJM you're right. We also have dog-fish, snake-fish, sea-horses, and as Fly Fish Chick points out, even sea-monkeys. Why not any fish cats, dogs, horses, snakes, or monkeys? Oh! Perhaps, to PETA, that might associate these animals as food. Some peoples, some where, eat all of these. Personally, haven't tried cat or monkey, or sea-monkeys - but in what the natives indulge, I shall try. I am off with a stick and bow to hunt Bambi's dad (hunt NOT poach, dear Mr. Disney).


Lets not go there Michael... I agree with Joey, for the most part anyway. I think the situation has gotten somewhat worse since violent/gory films have become so prevelant. Bill Heavey wrote an absolutely excellent article a couple of years ago on the subject of so called "slob" hunters. Although he was talking about hunters, the same can be applied to fisherman. The moral was that in all groups there will be bad apples that ruin the whole bushel. Most of us follow the laws and a strict standard of ethics, but some do not. It is the sad truth of society, and always has been.

After fishing the Indian River and returning to the boat ramp we were appalled to find whole rotting redfish someone had left on the dock without cleaning. What kind of idiot keeps fish and then leaves them on the dock to rot? That's always bothered me.


I think the "comic book" cover is a riot! I want to know where you can get a knife like that! I don't think I would be gutting a fish with that baby, but it is something else! as said above the hat is great with the suit, and you have to love the fish hooked in the eye.
These people are wacked!
As to the complaint against catch and release, give me a break! If you know what you are doing, you can catch the same fish several years in a row, noticing his/her growth and development. this allows the older fish to breed, taking every fish you catch does not. I do not care if someone does not eat meat, more for me, but keep it to yourself.If I ask you about your diet, then it is my fault, otherwise I don't want to hear your "truths"


you don't want to hear my 'truths'? i thought this was a free country. the first amendment comes before the second, mind you.


Joey, are you saying that amendments are listed by importance? I'm trying to be nice here, but if that is what you are saying, then your wrong.

BTW, RJ was saying he didn't want to hear the crap about how he should be a vegan, or whatever the hell they call it now. I think this dang elections got everyones panties in a wad!

Fat Guy Alex

That image is awesome. BTW did anyone notice the skull and crossbones on his hat? hmmm....

Time to get me some foam and tie a "death hopper".... oh man, I'm excited.

jerry k

i keep my gaff in my vest right next to my trebble hooks that i use to snag those pesky spawners.

Justin T

Ridiculous! I go to college on the NC coast and fish about every day and eat fish about every day.(Not redfish or other high profile gamefish) When I usually catch a fish to eat (Bluefish, Spanish, Flounder, Mullets), I humanely kill them by severing the spine and bleed them out to keep the meat fresh. This cover just sickens me to think that this is how PETA and other groups think of people like myself. I take extra steps to make sure fish I keep are not flopping around on the beach or in a cooler for a long time, I just kill them instantly in order to get it over with. Which is more humane than commercial fisherman do.


try to stomach watching some of their videos. I was about 11 when I watched the movie 8MM... it was sick. but just about any PETA video, they are sicker. at least my family hunted or clean meat, we made sure ours was killed humanely. the comic book, just disturbing. any real hunter, even a beginner, will try for a shot that kills fast. as for being hooked on killing, I like breaded trout and catfish, always better than being hooked on drugs.

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