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November 10, 2008

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Fish Fit For Bigfoot


Apparently the moratorium on commercial salmon catches in northern California helped at least one fish this year. This 85 lb chinook was found in Battle creek near Anderson, California. The California Dept. of Fish and Game biologists guess that it would have gone almost 90 lbs alive. This would have surpassed the sate record of 88 lbs caught in 1979.

The largest king ever caught in the country was 95 lbs in the Kenai river in Alaska in 1986. The Califonia fish was a male likely five to six years old and was 51 inches long. See the entire story here.



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Blue Ox

Now that would have been a real boot in the ass to catch...


I probably would have passed out if I saw that thing swim by. Incredible...almost doesn't look real.


sorry, that looks photoshopped.

Evan V

85lb salmon vs Tim's 5wt. GO!


mmm...looks delicious.

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