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October 16, 2008

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You Get One Song...

We've talked about the whole "to fish or not to fish" with an iPod issue... still, I know we all love music on our way to (or home from) the water. And I'm wondering what the one, quintessential song is for you. What is your flyfishing anthem?

And to spice this up... if anyone can tell me exactly what my song is... I'll send you a pair of killer Kaenon Polarized sunglasses, worth about $200. Here's one hint: It isn't, "I Started a Joke" by the Bee Gees... but I suppose it could be.

How you know I'm playing fair? Fifteen minutes ago I E-mailed Tim the song and artist. Well, yeah, he's my partner... but trust me, he loves watching me bleed.

And, by the way, I know I owe a Temple Fork rod to the "Which Candidate You'd Like to Fish With" winner, and after having digested the final Presidential debate, I'm ready to announce a winner tomorrow.



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Duelin' Banjos!!


Ok, I'll play KD..how about "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere" Alan Jackson

My personal fav is "Guadalupe Days" by local Texas son Gary P. Nunn, since the Guadalupe River in Texas is my home water.

jeff k

usually jammin to the Allmans/Dead or something bluegrassish on sirius.

I'll take a guess on your song and i'm going with "hair of the dog" by Nazareth. Hey Deeter, i saw your little bio in the new TU mag.


My Favorite: Europe, "The Final Countdown"

KD's Favorite: Milli Vanilli, "Blame it on the Rain"


Oh snap! Nice JC lol


I'm always so happy to be out in nature that I have never yet brought an i-pod on the water (that and I'm too much of a klutz to bring a $300 electronic over open water)...I'll take a shot with the hint and say The Joker by the Steve Miller Band


When the chips are down and riceman needs to take care of serious business:


Deeter: AC/DC -It's a long way to the top
(this video was posted here late night one time and then vaporized... hence the guess)


If You Wanna Rock 'n Roll...


You win, Riceman.


My favorite: "Fred Bear"-- by Ted Nugent. Total image of being out in the woods in Michigan

Deeter's Favorite: "Start me Up"--Rolling Stones. Just a guess from the hint.

tim romano

les claypool is unreal. i wish I could play bass like that.


My favorite fishing anthem is "I'm gonna miss her" by Brad Paisley.

Evan V

I agree with Tommy. Though I prefer I'm gonna miss her for the ride TO the water, as it gets you in the state of mind.
I'll take this song on the ride home.


Ha ha!! No way! I have more shades then I can shake a stick at so I'd like to donate them to the cause. I'm sure there are other ffloggers out there who could use a sweet pair of polarized shades more then me. That said... anyone who can guess my all time favorite primus song will win said "sweet pair 'o shades"... (I'll email Tim my pick so all is on the up-n-up).



"John the fisherman"


shake n' bake: swing 'n miss!

Hint: the song takes place in a shallow tidal estuary that forms the northern extension of San Francisco Bay in northern California in the United States.

...and the song is completely bad ass.



then it has to be "fish on"


Shake 'n bake is going to win these shades because he would appear to be the only primus fan on the board. God bless him. But no... that is not it.

Hint#2: said subject of song is rootin' an' sniffin' and urgin' to spawn.


Fred Stumpf

Southern Cross by CS&N


I'm with Fred as far as the vintage of the tune goes, but I'd vote for Canned Heat and Going Up Country ...


"the old diamondback (sturgeon)"

really could use some new shades


WINNER! Nice 'bake! Give Deeter and Tim your address and enjoy!!

"He circled round twice and he took a big whiff
Then sucked up this savory meal
Then came a jolt and to the diamondback's surprise
Through his lips cut the cold, barbed steel"!!!!

Fat Guy Alex

DANG IT!! That was going to be my guess.

Only Primus fan on the board? Not true sir. I have been playing bass for over 10 years, and it was Mr. Claypool who inspired me to start. I would give up fishing with any presidential candidate ever, elected or not, for the chance to fish with Les.

BTW, anyone here seen Fly Fishing the World episodes with Les? They come as the extras on the "5 Gallons of Diesel" DVD if you want to check em out.

"It's a tuna!"

gregg arnold

Crazy by NB
I play it every morning


avett brothers
trampled by turtles

pretty much anything from them


I think we need to make a Fly Talk soundtrack. 20 songs... the best 20 song submitters get something cool (but I'm running out of swag... let me think on it). And we make the Fly Talk soundtrack 2008, then do it again next fall.

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