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October 30, 2008

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The Philly Angler

Imagine, if you will, that you started fishing your junior year in high school, 25 years ago. And although you did your best, in all that time, you never caught the big one. You did all the right things, you paid for the best gear, everything you could imagine. Still, never the big one. Your other friends from other places caught giant fish every so often. Your friends in Boston and Detroit landed them by the score. But you got nothing... zip... nada... squadoosh.

Weeks turned into months... months turned into years... years turned into two and a half decades. Oh there were little fish, here and there. You even hooked into a scant few trophies over those long years... but every time, right before you landed these fish, they broke off.

And then... finally, last night, you netted the biggest fish you could ever remember, and you felt such joy you threw your fists to the sky (the "Rocky" pose) and simply closed your eyes, your emotions bubbling as years of frustration instantly melted away.

Today, that's what it feels like to be from Philadelphia.

How 'bout them Fightin' Phils?!!



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with all the botched calls and inconsistent strike zones that seemed to favor philadelphia, i guess it would be like landing the biggest fish of your life, but always knowing in the back of your head that you foul hooked it on the outside of the mouth. but hey, it still went for your fly, right???

Like landing a tarpon on 5 lb. Line...


Apparently Joey isn't from our City of Brotherly Love, 'cause I'm not feelin' the love right now, bro...

In the fall of 1980, I was a senior in high school. My daughter is in high school now. It has indeed been a long time coming.

And about that foul-hooking comment -- huh-what?!? Was it fair that the Phils had to play defense during the 6th inning monsoon while Tampa had a nice dry (albeit chilly) playing surface two days later?



Amen to all that Philly brother. The team in red was clearly best. The parade's tomorrow.

Greatest thing from Philly....the Fanatics costume..cheese steaks..and the EAGLES CHEERLEADERS!!

I just hope they don't end up like BOSTON fans and there whiny ass attitude when they finally reversed the curse...and don't win every year!!

jeff k

there were bad calls on both sides and the Phils won the series 4-1 so it was a pounding!. Joey must be a Mets fan.


... soft pretzels... black cherry sodas... Tastykakes... hoagies... and, of course, our nation's independence... It's a very giving city.

jeff k

Imagine, if you will spending crazy amounts of money on the top of the line flyrods, reels, waders, guides, beer...etc(wait, i like some expensive beers). Every spring you purchase the "new gadget" or the "ace" fly for your flybox. You battle every year and seem to get that fish right next to the net then....poof!! the fish of a lifetime is flipping you the bird and running away with your "ace" fly. That's what it feels like to be a Mets fan.
(Joe, if you're not a Mets fan i apologize but if you are...HA HA!)

jeff k

anytime you need TASTYKAKES, gimme a shout.



such a great fall classic! now it's time to cap it with a Penn's Creek brown on a nice big Red Royal Wulf. Wait, no time off and chasing my daughter around. Valley Creek will have to do.

jeff k

Valley's got a few hogs...maybe i'll see you there.


Evan V

KD is from Philly?


i'm not much of a baseball fan, it's a little too redneck for me...but i will watch the playoffs if there is some drama involved. not much drama in this series, though. everything about it was anti-climactic.

jerry k

i think joey was kinda just messin with KD, like he has in the past

jeff k

i hear ya...




Doylestown? A local! Perhaps I'll run into you along the Neshaminy, or tossing Clousers to the Delaware River smallmouths at Treasure Island.


Will do.

And Joey, I love ya, bro'... next chance I get, I'm taking you to Pat's or Geno's for a cheesesteak... "with, with."

How about that party/parade they threw on Market and Broad Streets today?

joey's sister

Yo Joey,

Why don't you run out into the middle of the Schuylkill Expressway and play hide and go f*&@ yourself. Botched calls my a$$!



Don't know that feeling being a CUBS fan. It be interesting to see what flys were being used in 1908.


I hear ya KD, I miss the great tastes of Philly. I havn't found any place in Colorado that can put a cheese steak together and as for Tastykakes, they can be found at the commissary on Fort Carson. Gotta love Doylestown, Mom works for the conservatory there......

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