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October 13, 2008

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BC Steelhead Photo Essay

Since we all know it's far safer to let me do my explaining with images rather than words I thought I'd put together a little flickr slide show of my recent trip British Columbia steelhead fishing. My friends Hannah Belford and Roy Tanami invited me up to shoot, hang out and do a little fishing. It was a trip of a lifetime and I highly doubt I'll ever be able to repay them. Thank you Hannah, Roy, Alice, Don, and Jessie for making the week so amazing. This is but a small edit of over 4000 photos I took over the week and a full web story of Hannah and her mom's (Alice) lodge will be forthcoming on the main F&S website. This is but a taste... Make sure to move your cursor off the image with no movement to get the entire image without type over it.

ps - the release shot was taken by Roy. I had to post it though because it's so damn cool.




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Nice pics...!


I'm not jealous, not at all, not even a bit
Thanks for sharing Tim
While at my desk here in dreary Dublin I'll have those images flashing through my mind

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

jealous,I am...


That's simply RAD. Great pictures with wonderful perspective in each shot. Well done.


Nice Pics! Can't decide if it makes me want to fish or go take pictures. Awesome.

Chad Love

Wow. Great shots, Tim.
I don't know if I'll ever get the chance to go steelhead fishing before I grow old and have to start eating prune whip and wearing Depends, but at least I can live vicariously...


Amazing!!!! Great photos Tim.

tim romano


how do you even know that prune whip is available?


Chad Love

To be honest, Tim, I've never actually seen prune whip and I don't know if it exists.
About 14 years ago a couple buddies and I were pheasant hunting in Kansas and we were staying in a motel in some little town.
We were all sitting around after dinner channel-surfing and we happned to come across a public-access channel, which was showing the weekly menu for the local nursing home.
And there it was on the breakfast menu in all its disgusting glory: prune whip.

For some reason that image has stayed with all these years, and it's become a scary totem for growing old, sort of a geriatric bogeyman...


I could've done without the outhouse shot but the rest of the pics make up for it.

Unbelievable fish - one you'll never forget!

tim romano

amazing isn't it... We're talking about BC and steelhead and the conversation has degraded oh-so-quickly into prune whip and the pooper. It's not about the outhouse, it's about the reading material in the outhouse. F&S even in the middle of nowhere. just don't let your eyes stray down the hole.


Too late! (I did catch the F&S Mag though...but that was after...nevermind)


Wow. What a trip. And what steelhead. Can you send some of that protein down here?

tim romano


alas, I wish could. Hopefully the photos helped with any protein deficiency you might have.



Great pics! We miss you, and wish you were still here. Thanks for coming up and helping out, breaking in my Bouglé, and sharing many laughs with us.

Till next time...


Whoa...BC steelhead fishing has long been on my "must do" bucket list, but some of those pics just helped to bump it up higher. It will have to be DIY for me, though; helicopter fly-outs will be reserved for anglers more affluent - or photograhers more gifted - than me.


this is your best stuff to date, wow!!!!!!!!!!!!Forget the fish, that scenery is too beautiful, how big was that tree that the leaf came from? I think you should take your mother (who is contemplating prune whip) on your next trip before it's too late. flyfisher girl and mom are lucky and so are you. p.s. the fish really is amazing, i hear they have steelhead in houston too

tim romano


just offer to do the dishes when you arrive in camp. that's all it took.


who alerted you to this website? Hum?

I'm game whenever you are ready. Steelhead in Houston? Perhaps in the next ice age they'll spawn in buffalo bayou...

Tyler P

The "TUG IS THE DRUG"...Welcome one skinny assed trout fisherman from Colorado to the addicts of "STEELHEAD"..Big beautiful fish..landscapes from heaven..and most of all no cell phones and nagging voicemails. You get the idea on how people can immense themselves in the sport of soley being and andronomous fisherman...I for one feel the need to go on that journey again all to often; then I remind myself that most steelhead junkies that I know are divorced living, paycheck to paycheck...but hey at least they get to fish!!

Congrats Tim...some of the finest photos I have seen in a long time. One could say that you have put yourself into another class of photo buffs, and I for one salute you!!



Kate Jackson

Wow Tim - Great timing with the leaves. Loved the scenary shots. Glad you had a good trip. Makes me wanna drive up a couple hours and see it myself. Too bad we couldn't find a way to catch you in Bellingham. Kate

jerry k

im good with dishes sign me up


The Tug is the Drug... shouldn't that be the mantra for all things fly fishing?

Marty Shaffner

Awesome photos! You captured the feel of being there.



tom feliu

Spectacular! Loved it. What a place. What an adventure. Almost makes me want to take up fishing!

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