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September 29, 2008

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The Most Expensive Fly Ever?


After getting my daily read on from Midcurrent the other day I couldn't help but regurgitate this truly awesome piece of blog-o-sphere nuttiness. Apparently an editor from the tech blog http://gizmodo.com/ had a friend that dropped his new Iphone 3G in the river and decided to dismantle the entire thing and complete the "circle of life".

From Gizmodo: "It's the circle of life, really: man drops iPhone in river while fishing, iPhone dies, iPhone is torn apart, iPhone becomes fishing lure, iPhone catches dinner. Life goes on."

Okay, they need a little correction on the lure part, but this must be the most expensive fly ever conceived? There's no way any one can top this one, can they?




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Blue Ox

It could be more expensive if one were to shred a $1000 dollar bill and tie a fly with it.
The fly could be called the 'Grover Cleveland', or the 'Grover Grande'.
What say?

Blue Ox

I'd hate to lose that one!
Then it be called a 'cryin' shame'!


Just tie a fly with illegal feathers and get caught ... then add up the lawyer fees, court costs, lost revenues due to jail time, etc. etc.

Evan V

A more expensive fly would be a pheasent tail nymph, with do-do bird feathers and real gold wire ribbing. Also silver wire for under body.


What about flying to BC, Alaska or Mongolia. Hiring a guide and having them flying you in somewhere remote. Isn't that fly the guide ties on your line pretty damn expensive considering the money you spent getting there?

tim romano


Fine point indeed. Never thought about it that way...

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