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September 26, 2008

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Fall Fishing is the Best

Fallfishing This is the best time of year for trout fishing, period. The water is low and clear, and the fish are hungry. Of course the best part of it all, throwing streamers. Chucking baitfish patterns from my boat is my favorite way to fish and to be honest I'd do that over any other fishing.

I'm curious though, what other madness exists out there in the fall? I live in Colorado, so I'm pretty limited on what I get to do. What's the best fishing where you live? Is it reds in the gulf, stripers in the bay, steelhead, what? I want to hear where I should make a trek next fall.

On another note JERRY K has won the watch from the post on September 12th. He was the first person to correctly guess Gore Canyon on the Colorado River and leave his name. Jerry K please send an email to [email protected] with your address and I'll mail out the watch.



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jerry k

Hey thanks Tim ill send out that email


Believe it or not, I feel that Carp fishing is better in late Summer early fall than any other time of the year, they seem to eat a fly much better getting ready for the Winter. Funny story, yesterday I cast to a carp that was cruising near a downed tree limb in about a foot of water.He followed the fly and the fly got hung on the limb after a few strips. The carp actually tried repeatedly to suck the lodged fly from the tree limb after it got hung up, pretty cool thing to watch.

Evan V

Fall is good. They stock trout. But also cold weather brings out smallies hunting for a few crays that are still lingering.

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

The Fox river for BIG Smallmouth bass and ill guide you...


I love salmon and steelhead fishing in Michigan during sept/oct timeframe.Cool mornings and beautiful days. The leaves are usually in full color too!

Blue Ox

Alex, I just may take youse up on that...


That's a funny photograph to accompany the phrase "low and clear." hahahha!


tim romano

that IS low and clear for the Colorado

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