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September 02, 2008

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Ever Fished Dry Flies Wet?

I watched an amazing thing the other day, as my friend Nate cast into a run with a pair of dry flies (a hopper and a parachute Adams)… He first tried casting classic style, upstream into the run. Nothing. Then he took a shot or two at a fish holding tight to the bank from an upstream angle. Again, nothing. But as those flies swept out of the run he was targeting, they sank, and slid in front of a rock in the middle of the river. Bingo. Another cast… he let those flies sink and sweep again. Another fish. We ended up fishing most of the afternoon the same way, classic “wet fly” style, only with a couple of dries. It was deadly.

I sometimes think wet fly fishing is a lost art. Does anyone out there still regularly fish wet flies?



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great way to catch fish in riffle on penns creek. I love the takes when fishing wet flies, usually NO question you had a take. That's why traditional wet fly style rods are nice and soft, protects the tippets on those hard takes.

Blue Ox

Possibly a little un-orthodox, but then who is gonna come flyin up and tell youse that you can't fish a dry fly wet?
It's kinda like the wife tellin me about how my socks don't match when i'm leaving for work.

Evan V

I use my dry flies wet, whenever I cast! They can't help but sink.


I fish a couple traditional wet fly patterns, especially in the spring - march brown wet, hare's ear wet, hendrickson wets and leadwing coachman wet are top notch flies!


Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

Thats how i caught that trout (the 56 pdr)
in tenessee on a royal wulff fished wet.

Chad Miller

The Crackleback is one of the great dry flies of the last 30 years. It fishes equally well wet, even on a sink tip. Lots of BIG Browns and Brookies on the Norfork have fallen to this fly. My Dad got a 26 inch Brown fishing it dry and a 21inch 4 pound Brookie fishing it wet. I will not go anywhere in the world without it.


fishing double dries???
who forgot the 1/4 sticks?

soft hackles and trimmed dries...

Hunter Bennett

I fish at the Little Red River and I use wet flies all the time. The other day I caught a 15 in. rainbow trout.


Deeter you have let another cat out of the bag. Damn you!!!

Wet flies are awesome... You can never leave them home. When you are in a lull in fishing, tie one on and hang on... Let the wet swing to get that emerger effect.

Another tip for fishing a dry wet - let it swing below you and then skip it up the water towards you and watch for sudden strikes. This skating method is amazing when the hopper droppers are in full force.

I love this type of fishing.

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