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September 18, 2008

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Deeter: The Ugliest, Nastiest, Dirty Trick Fly I've Seen


Some people say a San Juan Worm is a dirty fly. Might as well use a real worm. Others say using egg patterns is a downright nasty trick in any conditions, at any time of year. And there are even a bunch of ultra- purist types out there who say a brass bead is at least a minor offense.

Well leave it to Orvis--that icon of all things pure and traditional--to give us a fly pattern that incorporates all these blemishes on the complexion of fly design in one neat little package: The "Eggi Juan Kenobi," which is part egg, part worm, part beadhead... and all gnarly. Hey, if you're going to take the gloves off, you might as well do it right. The only thing missing is the spray-on scent. Personally, having never been hung up too much on matters of "bad form," and with purely science-based interests in mind, I gave it a ride yesterday. Yeah... it catches trout so effectively, I now have a (mild) guilt complex.

I'm looking for absolution. They say "all's fair in love and war." But in flyfishing? What say you?



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hahahaha that fly is hilarious. looks like someone took a few pulls off the hookah before inventing that one.

I don't really buy this talk about "this fly is too deadly to use." as long as it is tied with artificial materials and uses a single hook (or tandem single hooks in the case of thos big gnarly streamers), it's a fly and it's legitimate. if you're bothered by the lack of artistry inherent in some of these flies, fine. that's a fair criticism. but it isn't cheating and it isn't unethical.

looking at that fly, by the way, it really seems to me that fish are probably going to key in on the egg and that the worm part probably doesn't make much difference. not that it matters.

hahahaha! seriously amazing. I never thought I'd see a fly more garish than some of the stuff Lake Erie steelhead fisherman use, but this is really a horse of a different color.



The Riceman says: chuck streamers now… beg for forgiveness later.

Joe G

Its not like your throwing Velvita (Velveta?)for Pete sakes. If it works throw it, it could be your day saver when matching the hatch goes sour. In my neck of the woods, some say the Green Weenie catches fish all out of proportion but the purist wont touch it. I dunno, Im gonna try da weenie this fall.


wow, the 2 best trout foods rolled into 1 fly: worms + corn!!

Evan V

Joey, if you wanted a corn fly, wrap a yellow egg in yellow scud backing!
And I use san juans usually, egg flies only if I need them. To the people who call them cheating, thats ok. But don't whine when I'm catching all the fish.


Reminds me of a fly I bought at the Cordova, WY fly shop/convenience store near Grey Reef. Egg & worm combo they called eggs & bacon. It's also handy to have a dog food pattern if the feeder on the private property upstream goes off. It's called matching the hatch.


LOL...hey if you are taking the gloves off why not dunk it in some fish attractants?

Heh heh. You won't get any grief from us here in Alaska, Deeter, where we gleefully rub our hands together when plastic bead season rolls around, and would love to add the scent of rotten fish to our late-season flesh flies if it were legal. Cajaro -- this summer I saw a guy casting a Mepps spinner on his fly rod...

Blue Ox

Looks like something out of Metroid, but if it works when all else fails, then all is good!

Alabama flygirl

wooo hooo! I'll take a dozen!

Derek Stroot

I live on the White River in Bull Shoals Arkansas and I bet the trout will eat it up. Going to tie a couple tonight. Thanks for the new idea orvis!


Metroid! All hail Blue Ox!


jerry k

I might just tie me up a few and give it a dunk at spinney tommorrow.


I'm a big purist yuppy jerk. I also know that from fifty yards I look like a big purist yuppy jerk (in my Simms everything) tying into big trout after big trout, and at that distance nobody can tell I'm using an Eggi Juan Kenobi dipped in catfish sauce!


I, for one, find this fly to be a little "low brow" and beneath such a venerable company such as Orvis to sell it. You certainly won't find me buying one from them.

On a completely un-related note, does anyone know where I might be able to find the fly recipe for this fly on the Web?? :)

jerry k

thats an easy one,scud hook,white 6/0 thread, egg yarn,and vernille. mix it and there you go

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