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September 23, 2008

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Can You Forget Felt?

New Zealand has officially canned the use of felt sole boots with waders. Simms announced that it won't make felt boots anymore after 2009. In Simms' case, the company is launching a special Vibram sole that it says sticks to slippery river rocks better than felt. We'll see, but I'm inclined to think Simms wouldn't bet the bank on something that didn't work.

The motivation for all of this is to stop the spread from river to river of invasive species... like didymo (rock snot), mudsnails, and so forth. The problem, for me, at least until now, is that Aquastealth/rubberized boots aren't as good as felt. Plain and simple.

So I'm wondering if good environmental intentions are worth falling on your butt.



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Evan V

Well even if people still use felt soles, a way to prevent algae sticking to felt soles is to dip the bottoms in salt water. In the lower gunpowder, they have salt water trays that you stick your boots in for 30 seconds each.


I hope this all amounts to more than just "good environmental intentions."


Teak Phillips

Perhaps I'll stock up on felt replacements...

And if we can "stop" zebra mussels by washing boats with a little mild bleach water, why can't we do that with felt soles?

Teak Phillips

Oops, sorry. Not supposed to use bleach!


I own both and I agree rubber does not grab like felt. However if you ever do alot of walking in all weather you find out the hard way that wading is the only thing felt is good for!

suburban bushwacker

'I'm wondering if good environmental intentions are worth falling on your butt.'

that would depend on whether you wish to fish in the future surely?

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