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August 23, 2008

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Guess Kirk's Destination ...


I'm going on a trip soon.  But can you guess where? 

The photo above is a sampler of the fly selection I'm bringing, thanks to Brian Schmidt, our "Fly of the Month" guru from Umpqua Feather Merchants.  So that alone should tell you I'll be chasing fish that are pretty aggressive.  In fact, I'd say this is the "golden age" for this particular species.

Need more hints?  Well, okay.  I'm not bringing any long johns on this trip.  I will bring plenty of bug spray.

I'll be out of the country.  Not in Argentina... but I will be speaking Spanish.  I'm doing a story for the magazine.  It's the "dry season" where I'm going (a relative term)... it shouldn't be salty, but I'm still bringing "stingray guards."   Hmmmm....

Tell you what, I'll send an "Angling Trade" baseball cap to the first person who can tell me exactly where I'm going and what I'll be chasing.  Last hint, you likely haven't read much about this one before.  (No help from those few of you who know what I'm up to... Tim... Joey... Bri...)

Good luck to you... and please wish me some positive mojo also, if you'd be so kind!



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Peacock bass in Brazil?

Blue Ox

Mojo comin' at ya, Deet!!


Freshwater Dorado(Golden age eh?) in Southern Bolivia. Get 'em Deeter. I've been dreaming of fishing for Dorado since I learned about them.


You guys are good. Thanks ox. Any sleep? Oh. Not exactly correct but close.


Freshwater sharks or tarpon in Nicarauga?

Evan V

Mahi Mahi in costa rica?


Inclined to agree with Mike and Samson - looks like peacocks or dorado. If its peacocks tho, it looks like you might be a little under-gunned...or maybe you're going for something a bit more exotic? Pira pita?


Peacocks ...interior of venezuela


Dorado in Brazil?


the freshwater one i mean

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

Hey Deeter you gonna hook me up with the fly guy Brian Schmidt? Ill test his flys with pleasure...

Alabama flygirl

Deeter...don't have a clue where you are headed, but sending some positive mojo your way for safe travels!


What's a Kirk-do?


Is it like a do-do, but with a big travel budget?


Gonna stretch: pirrana in Southern Colombia?

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

Brazil for peacock bass...


Golden dorado in souther Colorado drinking a Pina Colado and avocado with much bravado while you're incommunicado, you old Desperado?
Man, that was dumb.


Peacock Bass in Ft. Lauderdale?


Long Island for stripers, bonita, bluefish


Rio Negro River in Brazil for Peacock Bass.

Just for the record they speak Portuguese in Brazil.

Tarpon trip in the Mangroves of Mexico.... most likely baby tarpon this time of year

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