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August 05, 2008

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Raft - Six Times Cost of Car...


Patrick Mackay caught me taking photos of his car on the main drag in Durango, Colorado this past weekend and started up a conversation. He told me that his raft was six times the cost of his "old-slowmobile" delta 88. I say Patrick has his priorities lined up quite nicely. Dude knows where to spend his money.

Not only did Patrick have the raft on top of the car, but his back seat consisted of a cooler, oars - sticking out of the window, and a mountain bike. He told me he was down south fishing for a while.

I only wish I were this devoted.

Who's with me on this being one of the most bad ass fishing rigs you've ever seen? I'm just curious how he got it on and off...



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Blue Ox

A prime example of doing the best you can using what you got!
Good stuff!


Yup, priorities straight. Even with straps, I cant believe it doesent get blown off on the highway.

Evan V

Optional 3rd row seating on roof.

tim romano


I asked him about that. He said he cruises at 65 to 70 no problem.


I think I can help answer the question regarding how Patrick gets the raft on and off the car. If I wasn't sitting in a coffee shop in Berlin, Germany laughing my ass off I would probably be one of the guys Patrick employed to move the raft on and off the car and then floating a section of a river. By the way that is my late grandmother's Olds and I think she would be proud that it is being put to good use by Patrick. However, did Patrick tell you he cannot keep the car in his garage because his skate ramp takes up the bulk of the garage? Great photo!


Awesome, just plain awesome...............


If you look beyond the Olds you can see it is parked in front of a pedicure and manicure salon. Hmmm? My question for Patrick is did you have your nails done before or after you were fishing?

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