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August 14, 2008

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Lightning-Struck Rod... Buzzed on Flyfishing


Have you ever been in the river, or out on the flats, and those clouds roll in... then the hair on your arms stands up... then your rod starts to hum? That's a pretty good sign that you might want to drop the rod. This is what it looks like when a fly rod gets zapped.

Fortunately, my good buddy Whit Hunter, who found himself in a storm in Pennsylvania, was not hanging onto the cork end when Mother Nature lit this one up.

Anyone else had any en-lightening experiences to share?



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Evan V

Wonder if he can send me some of that for my fly tying? LOL




Just wondering, What brand is the Fly Rod?

tim romano

Sage I think, right Deeter?


Yes, Sage.

Blue Ox

Had that been Joey's rod, I'm sure he'd have found himself surrounded by popcorn!


Ah..I learned a long time ago, on Colorado's Roaring Fork, to place my lightning rod under a tree and walk at least 50 paces away from it when I heard thunder or saw blinking in the sky...

Hey Deeter im back, will send story and pics in a few days.

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

Above post is me sorry...

John O

I was fishing (in a boat) with my Father In-Law,. We were on a large lake when a storm rolled in on the other side of the lake, Lightniing was flying some distance away, when I noticed that my line began to rise off the water. I hurriedly cranked in my line and felt static while reeling in, my father in-law's line was floating and was getting static bringing in his line too.
We both reeled up and got the hell out of there. The weather above us was partly sunny and not raining.

Steve D

I was fishing Soda Butte Creek at the Pebble Creek confluence last week when a rain / hail storm passed through the valley. Just before the actual downpour got to me the static from my rod gave me a strong electrostatic pop. I istinctively threw the rod down. This was my first experience with graphite in a YNP storm and it definately left me very wary of fishin at allwith inclement weather in the immediate area. I think I was lucky not to have been struck!

Evan V

ROFL at Blue Ox!

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

Rofl at Blue like evan!!!!

Bob Lynch

Is this covered by the rod's lifetime warranty?

tim romano


Good question. I think it'd have to be. Unconditional means just that...

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