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August 29, 2008

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Carp Fishing With SWAT Teams


Do you ever fish for carp on a fly rod? Tough buggers aren't they? Russ Miller landed this beauty a couple of days ago under heavy police presence. It seems SWAT teams make it even tougher...

Check out this story on carp fishing around the Democratic National Convention the past week and see all the trouble we got into.

Have a great weekend.



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Evan V

TR, did you get any fish? It appears you were the one who got "caught". Lol


Keep up the cool carp stories ! I'm loving it!

Evan V

Oh btw, what rod weight do you guys use? Cause I just got a 7wt and know where some big carp are.

tim romano

7Wt would be perfect. A five and six are pretty light, but you'll lose some bigger fish. I use and eight which is great, but a seven would be a touch more fun. Go get em this weekend!

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

Try catching one on a 2 wt and youre in for a hell of a fight!
Hooked one while bluegill fishing with dry flys, It weighed 14 pds.

tim romano

Eric -thank you very much.

Alex, I had a similar experience on a one weight. Fishing for bluegill and about an 8 lb grass carp ate my fly. I had to break him off to save the rod.

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

Thats hardcore tim, now all i want to do is catch a tarpon 0n a 2 wt...

Evan V

Btw tim, ever use crayfish flies for em?

tim romano


well, yes. honestly that's really all I use down there.
Umpqua has this crazy good pattern that I have to figure out the name for...

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