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August 29, 2008

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At What Age Did You Start Flyfishing?

I’m often asked about starting kids in flyfishing. What is the best age to start them, understanding that casting can be a tricky test of coordination, as is wading in rivers? Certainly, you want to avoid the frustration factor and keep things safe at all times. I guess the only answer I can give is that it depends on the kid. Some 6-year-olds, for example, can throw and catch a baseball like a champ… for others, it takes a few more years. I started flyfishing at age 11. We have a family tradition now of making the 10th birthday present the first fly rod, though the kids certainly dabble with flyfishing well before that.

What do you think?

By the way, on the flip side, I will say that it’s never too late to start. Case in point, my friend, a 58-year-old teacher who just started flyfishing because she needed another summer hobby… and she’s pretty good!



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Blue Ox

I started flyfishing at age 30... this year!

tim romano

right on OX!

are you liking it?


at 48 and i can never go back to the dark force of spin fishing.

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

7 for flyfishing 10 for wading 13 for aiding with waders.

Alabama flygirl

2 years ago...I was 37.

tim romano

the dark force eh? Spin fishing definitely has it's times...

Capt Gordon

12. 31 yrs ago.


I started about 5 with a 7 1/2 ft youth fly rod using poppers and little flys. learned to fly fish on strip mine ponds full of blue gills and sun fish. there were some big ones and it made for great fun and learning

Blue Ox

I am all kinds of likin' it, Tim!
(now if only I can get this jar off my head...)

Michael Pepi

i started fly fishing when i was 12 and was tying my own flies at 14

Sage Sam

I started wading (using good ol' rubber waders)when I was around 12 or 13, but that was using spinner gear on the Escanaba River. I got my first fly rod when I was 16 but didn't know how to use it or have any family member that flyfished. I guess really didn't start flyfishing until around 25 or a couple of years ago after being in Colorado for quite a while.


Age 4. With my Dad's old rod (he built it when he was 14) on an old canal in the middle of a Nebraska town. I was catching fish (bluegills) with every flog, while the bait and spin fishermen all around me looked on in jealous anger. It was great.

jeff k

i guess i was around 16 on the upper delaware with my friends father. I actually caught 1 or 2 one weekend. Funny because the first fish i caught on the fly was on a quill gordon wetly. i started trying to use nore of those damn wets! it's kinda like streamer "light" fishing...


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