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July 21, 2008

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Tubular Fishing


Nothing, I mean nothing, beats a great day in a float tube. I'm still amazed how tough it is to sell some people on stillwater flyfishing.

I recently spent a morning at Spinney Reservoir in South Park, Colorado, with my good friend Charlie Meyers, who snapped these photos. We had to work hard for the fish, but they were all cookie-cutter bows in that just-under 20 inch range. Ate damsel flies, and callibaetis nymphs.


If you haven't been belly boating yet this summer, take the time and do it. You'll be pleased.



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Kirk, that's an absolute oinker! Nice fish.

Blue Ox


yea, nice fat stocker. that fish is nasty looking.


stillwater fishing = cool. trout fishing = cool. inner-tubing = white trash.

you know they make kick boats, and you don't have to cast from your armpits with a 10 foot rod...

Chad Love

Well then color me white trash.
Kick boats? I suppose they're all right for those who need some room for an Ipod dock so they can listen to their Judy Garland show tunes while they fish.
Because most of the guys I've seen tooling around in kick boats definitely look like the type to listen to Judy Garland show tunes in their off-fishing hours.
But that's just me. I've been fishing from a float tube since I was in high school so I'm obviously way, way down on the angling sophistication scale...


That's good eating right there.


chad, there's nothing more pretentious and faggy looking than being decked out in high tech waders with all those gadgets hanging from your vest fishing out of a float tube, fly fishing to trout.

hobie float cat 75, shorts and a pair of flippers...all you need.

granted, you can't hike up to an alpine lake with a pontoon 'kick' boat.

Sage Sam

Do you have any recommendations on a packable or lightwaeight belly boat? I'd like to be able to take one into the Flat Tops without adding too much weight to my already heavy gear.

Jon Malovich

I have too much to comment on this subject As I am a long time user and industry guy, but I have to say that some of the best fishing happens out of a boat of one type or another. Hey Joey keep an eye out for a kayak/pontoon hybrid!

Take a look at Water Skeeter for one of the best Float tubes ever!

ok I am done selling!


when i worked in a fly shop (9 years), we became the 2nd largest dealer of hobie float cats in the country (they originally started manufacturing them in idaho). they fit inside the bed perfectly of a full sized pick up, weigh only 20-30 pounds (depending which model, and the oars suck so i never use them), you pick them up with 1 hand. we even put 1 hp gas engines on them. they don't expand/contract, you can drag them over rocks...and they are fast. you're not under-water ballet dancing to get them to move. plus, there's room for BEER.

kayak/pontoon hybrid would imply that you go forward instead of backward, which would be much more pleasant. i'm curious how you paddle something that is wide enough to be stable. can you stand up in it? my problem with paddles (since i guide and spend my non-personal fishing time in a canoe) is that it's a bitch in moving water or wind, you have to put your rod down to pick your paddle up. so i still prefer fins.

anyway, all i know is float tubes = freeze your nuts off.

i'll sit above water any day.

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