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July 24, 2008

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Rogue Angels: REAL Women in Waders


Thanks to our friends over at AEG Media we we're pointed in the direction of a blog run by one of their girlfriends. From what I can make of it she's a guide up north somewhere and keeps a blog. Normally guides keeping blogs is pretty boring, and while I might be accused of being a sexist pig after this post I think you'll want to take a peek. It's not every day you find an attractive young lady guide updating her blog with other attractive young lady guides and female companions.

Besides I might kill myself if I hear another dude post about the size of the fish he caught yesterday.

Happy Thursday,




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Oh Wowza!

Blue Ox

Think I need a moment alone...

Chad Love

Although I've already commented on a prior blog entry on the uselessness of fat old guys like me hyperventilating over the likes of the lovely young whatshername (April, maybe?), I have to say I don't mind it a bit when you guys post a pic of her.
For some reason she reminds me of that cute little Snog tee shirt model, but in waders. Maybe it's because she has that genuine girl-next-door beauty, as opposed to the porn queen girl-next-door beauty.


I'm just PO'd because it takes great effort for me to get a unique, beautiful woman-on-horseback, sweetheart of the rodeo image to post on this blog... and then Romano covers me up the very next day. That's patently unfair.

Oh, by the way. Dude, I caught a 23-inch rainbow today.

Blue Ox

Was that a gunshot I just heard?

tim romano



Nah. A BB gun.

The cannon happens tomorrow. Tim and I are fishing together (field research). Bonus: Nate Matthews, online editor for Field & Stream is riding with us in Tim's raft down the Colorado River. As Nate is the uber-guru of all things webby for F&S, he gets to ride the bow. Tim gets to be the captain (meaning, he gets to push the oars). I'm the tail gunner. That shot you heard is simply foretelling the 70-foot cast I'm about to lay down, which will land perfectly, 12 inches in front of a rising trout, in heavy water, when neither of those guys expects it...

That's a promise. The Bomb Damage Assessment report will be filed within 72 hours.

I somehow managed to not even see the fish in the pic. Myself being a longtime AK guide I can't ever recall a guide with an a$$ like that....Especially on the Naknek....The boys @ rapids camp must being duking it out for dibs with K8. Many years I could be labeled "fish bum", "steelhead addict", and most notably " man whore"...as my good buddy Jordan's fav quote.." another dissapointed father" after the chica leaves in the morning. If granted one wish 2 turn back to 21, I would sneak into Canada..guide the Smithers region with alias "DB Cooper" and find April awaiting @ home with steak and cold beer. Oh it's good to dream!!

mike gibbs

you fish is nice but you look nicer


send me some of your hottest pics and i will leave you alone

Tyler P

I still have to adjust my computer properly.....F-ing Canucks!! First they have HOCKEY( legally able to beat people up)...Legendary Wild Steelhead runs....Crown Royal Whiskey...And now the hottie fly fisher chicks that seem to be coming down in droves into the US...


i heart you

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