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July 28, 2008

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Flies, where have you found em?


Mid summer and your fishing gear is askew. There's tippet in every pocket, rods are stuck from the front seat through the back two for months, and flies are stuck everywhere.

It seems like this time of year I find flies on the floor, stuck in the couch, on the cat, and randomly coming out with the clean laundry (the girlfriend loves that one). I found this one sweeping up the garage the other day.

Where's the strangest place you've found a fly?



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Blue Ox

Just yesterday borrowed this weird fuzzy grub lookin' thing from a fishin buddy. (not sure what it was called)
Flung it into a tree. Reeled in all the line, and there was no fly attached anymore. (naturally)
Found it two hours later...in my hair.

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

Found a fly in... My food... searously i found a fly in a bag of pretzels i had in my vest and a fly got in the bag somehow...

tim romano

Blue OX and Alex,

LOL!!! Those are hilarious.

Alex did you eat it?

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

The fly i noticed in my mouth as it hooked the side of my mouth while eating the food...

Jon Malovich

This is not so much a where I found a fly as a memory of a former client that was refreshed by this subject.... when he arrived at the ramp I noted that the guy had a hand full of dry flies stuck to the back of his fly vest on the right side right at the top of the shoulder! I originally thought that it was an odd place to put your used or trophy flies! Found out after his first cast of the day that they weren't there for storage! he was a deadly caster! He proceeded to leave 5 more there by the end of the trip! and he gained the nick name among our crew as the 5 fly General! for the row of flies stuck on his shoulder.

Evan V

I once found a size 4 hook embedded in my boxers once. Luckily, I found it while putting them away after laundry LOL


haha, once i washed by accident a box of flies (medium/small nymphs) that i left in a pants pocket along with a whole load of laundry. i subsequently found flies embedded in every article of clothing.

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

Supprised he did not leave CORN IN HIS POCKETS!!!!

Alabama flygirl

I was cleaning all of the stuff out of my car...getting it ready to trade in...reached in the spot just under the radio(just one of the many places that stuff accumulated)....and I "found" a Clouser in the end of my finger when I pulled it out.


i'd expect to see a used condom amongst the riff raff in that photo, where'd you take that, under a bridge somewhere??


I am a flies tier.Anyone interested even with your own patterns kindly please contact me.


tim romano

sadly joey, that's my garage floor - and yes, I'm saving that pistachio for you.

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