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July 16, 2008

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First Cast, First (and Only) Fish


13 mile hike this past sunday in Rocky Mountain National Park. Angler: Nick Sommer. One cast. One Fish.


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tim romano

ps - Joey. This trout was native.


non-native or not, the 13 mile hike gets my respect. at least he didn't pull a new zealand and take a helicopter.

i thought the state killed all native fish in RMNP over 30 yrs ago???

Chris Currah

Wish that was me right about now! Guess I'll have to wait for the weekend to tie one on. Cool Shot.


Beautiful Shot!

tim romano

this lake holds only greenback cutthroats. Yes, they were reintroduced into a small number of drainages, but are definitely native and very wild.


UC found out last year that all the reintroduced greenback were actually a mess of misidentified CO Cutts... and the real greenback population is limited to on 11miles of stream and are still VERY close to extinction... no lakes contain pure strain native fish

I was pissed, because the came to light right after i spend a lot of time and miles to find what i thought were greenbacks


just sayin...

tim romano


Yeah, pretty sobering huh? Kinda sad as it was one of the true success stories of the endangered species act. It's all still very up in the air though as they're not quite sure what went where, etc...

On the flip side, perhaps all the colorado river cutts I've been catching in the Gore Range are actually Greenbacks. Wouldn't that be a nice twist to the story.

tim romano


Colorado River Cutts would still be native.


whatever, as long as it's a trout, right???

joey, I know you have nothing better to be doing. so why don't you scurry along and go count how many corn kernels you have molding in that little cave of yours and let us know how many you have in the morning.


seriously it was within a week of getting home that the story hit..
It is a shame things like that happen

But i live in a state where stocking over wild fish is the norm...

i think i fished that same lake...and have some pretty pics of some kind of trout

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

I agree with the guy 3 posts above me Joey go count your corn... jeez

Blue Ox

That is a nice pic.
We got nothin' like that over by here.


forget counting kernels, my corn is counted in COBS!!!!!!


the only place they should be stocking trout is in my freezer. i'd like to re-introduce some trout into my stomach.

Blue Ox

Aw hell, even I can't argue with that one.
But fishin' for 'em IS half the fun.

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