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July 23, 2008

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Charlie Meyers and the Mystery Hatch

Check out this article by Charlie Meyers. For those of you who don't know Charlie, he is the outdoors editors of the Denver Post, and one of the most eloquent outdoor writers in the country. (Who are some of your favorite outdoor columnists?) Case in point, this piece, which he pulled off with aplomb, despite a severe lack of accompanying angler talent...

Who among you would have figured this hatch riddle out? Be honest.

Thanks for a great day/lesson Charlie!



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Deeter, dont feel bad I had a mess of largemouth's and bream on a small creek a few days ago that were tearing up some sort of flying ant. I picked some from the water and tried to match them but they refused all my best immitations. Guess Iwasnt close enough. Are boatmen their own pattern or will other things work?
Pretty cool article, good stuff to know.

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