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July 24, 2008

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ATVs ... What do YOU think?

I'm going to squeeze in a shameless, self-serving research trick here. I'm writing a story on ATV use, impact on habitat, etc. (not for Field & Stream). I want to know what the Fly Talk readership thinks when I say "ATV." Can't live without yours? Think they're the lazy person's nature chariot? Scarring up the landscape? Getting more people hooked on the outdoors in a good way? Or somewhere in between? Please tell me. I promise not to quote you directly.



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Evan V

I call them an expensive, gas using replacement for legs.

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

Same Evan and chariot of nature destruction and a screaming metal death trap. All in one invention!

Blue Ox

But what if you got no legs?


I am ok with them, when they are used in an appropriate manner. Now how many people use them that way, probably less then 10%. Here in Texas, it seems like everybody has one and loves to tear up fields etc...


Hate 'em, hate 'em, hate 'em. Even the sound of one jacks my blood pressure. The problem is, it's not the machine's fault...they are truly marvelous devices. It's the jackass pilot (or more correctly, the PARENTS of the jackass pilot) that deserves the blame. I believe there is a perception that owning an ATV automatically grants one the right to trespass. Our land in northcentral PA is regularly violated by these boneheads, despite gates and postings. The problem is even worse where I live in southeastern PA. There is a 300 acre tract belonging to the Neshaminy School District that gets hammered every weekend. As local residents, we get treated to quads screaming along at 60 mph on our residential streets. Even worse, a local policeman I spoke with said they is nothing they can do about it...they are unable to pursue them. ARGH!!!

BTW -- Yes, I own one.

Alabama flygirl

I don't really have a problem with them, but it seems like every hunting season you hear about more and more people getting killed on them because they were riding too fast, riding at night etc etc. It seems like a lot of folks buy them and just hop on them and go and don't really know how to operate....and then they put their kids on them.


I have no problem with them. In fact I own two. They get me into some remote streams and ponds that would be an all day hike. Of course where I live theres 2000 miles of ATV trails and there's one in every yard.

Mac Macfarlan

Deeter, you seen this?? Crazy! If its real. Thoughts? http://gizmodo.com/5029053/mad-aussie-guy-catching-a-marlin-from-helicopter


when I see someone and ask myself... "Self, is this person a douchebag?"

Well and ATV along with kayaks and earflap ball caps answer this question for me.


ATV sure helps with hauling several pounds of trout home from hard to get-to places.

Chad Miller

Marlin from Helicopter is about as real as the guy who caught the shark from a surf board. Not close to real.


ATVs make many people's work and lives easier, and make other people's harder. Examples of how it makes lives harder: unknown people riding on your land, unknown people getting hurt on your land in crashes and suing you, and, of course, the noise. However, they are one of the greatest things ever.

Dick Mcplenty

I own atv's.I've seen more damage on national forest caused by livestock namely cows then any atv.
In the west,the majority of atv trails were originally made by WWII vets using surplus willy's jeeps.Its looked upon as some sort herosim from the past.Ride those same trails on an atv today and you're a slob.

Atv's aren't the problem people are the problem,especially people who want to blame their own lack of skill in hunting or fishing on the presence of atv's,being the cause of their lack of connecting on game or fish.


I own two. Both Honda's. A 250cc and a 350cc.
Hip replacement surgery helped with a 1991 hip injury. I can even walk without, as the doctor put it, a "transitional lurch"! But, I can't stay on my feet all day. I can't walk a half mile or so to a blind.
Yep, I use one. But not just for hunting. I pull my trail mower with one. I have put in ag crops with one. I herd cattle with one. I haul dead deer with one. I have even stretched a couple of miles of fence with one. Mine are indispensable. The open areas and sand dunes of the Red River are covered with ATV tracks. Since I finally acquired access to a stretch of the Red, I'm hoping, truly hoping, that cold weather will keep them off my stretch of river bottom. I would really like to haul a nice buck out of there on my own ATV!
When accosted by the "younger" generation that my 350cc will go faster than I am willing, I remind them that it isn't a racing machine, it's a way for a fat, crippled, old man to get to and from his stand!
Yeah, there is an ID-10-T that can and will screw it all up for others, but that's a price we pay! Remind those folks nicely when you meet them on the trail.


get off your fat asses and take a hike.

Chad Love

They're tools, nothing more. Unfortunately so are most of the guys who operate them.


No name poster:

I'd love to "take a hike". I used to walk over a mile into the Keechi Creek bottom to a stand we called, "The Prairie". If I killed a deer, I had to field dress and hang him. Walk back to camp to get help to haul him out. Walk back to the deer and tote one end of the "pole" to get him out! I never minded.
Without an ATV, I could only hunt from a pickup, and I ain't doing that! So, live with it!
Chad's right, it's a tool. A tool to be used 'wisely'!
Hopefully Chad, I won't fit into your description of "most of the guys"!



if it can haul deer, it can haul corn going in and trout coming out!!

Chad Love

Nope, Bubba. My dad lives in Montana and he's in your boat. A lifetime of backbreaking physical labor has left his back, well, pretty much broken. He has an ATV. He doesn't much like it, and prefers to walk when he can, but sometimes he simply can't.

Sorry, Joey, I prefer Hormel Vienna sausage to corn.
My seven-year-old and I had a perch fishing tournament the other day at the state park next to our house.
I had a five-weight fly rod and an assortment of poppers. He had his Superman pole and can of Vienna sausage.
He outfished me an average of six-to-one.
Granted a lot of that is my natural and persistent ineptitude with a fly rod, but the allure of the sausage can't be denied.
Now since your average trout is only a smidge smarter than a perch I figure I'm golden with this sausage thing.
We're leaving for Montana in three days and I'm going down to the supermarket to stock up.
I'm going to ride my dad's ATV down to the river and fish with an assortment of Vienna sausage-tipped flies so that way I can piss off environmentalists, fly anglers and bait chunkers all in one fell swoop...

Evan V

Haha good one joey. Heck, you can ride out and get fresh corn from the fields!


i find really small weighted nymphs to be just about as deadly as any fly for perch...

vienna sausages are for lunch!!! (trout for breakfast)

Chad Miller

There is a simple solution to this. The use of ATV's in certain areas need to be outlawed period.

There is absolutly no need to ride an ATV across a creek in the middle of summer!!! Fine use it for hunting getting big game in and out. I don't think anyone has a problem with that. Lets not use a unrelated situation to justify the overall use of ATV's in public waterways.

It absoluelty rips me when I am fishing one of my favorite holes on Sugar Creek and some idiot rides their ATV across the creek and rips up the hill as if they have no concern for anyone but themselves.

It is true a few people can ruin it for everyone. Well guess what they have. Outlaw them from public waterways.


The only time I mind them is if they are somewhere elk hang out. Scares the animals and they move away and habitat becomes smaller. My dad had one and loved it after his stroke, but he didn't live in elk country. :-)

Sure beats packing out all that meat on your back, but all things being equal I'd live without them. Best hunting is wildernesss areas because no machines.


ATV's are the golf carts of fishing.


I guess it is true what they say. Most fly fishers are elitist ass clowns. Why not let everybody enjoy the outdoors in their own way. There's more than enough room for everyone. Your narrow view ain't the only one.

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