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June 13, 2008

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They're Back...

I apologize for the lack of a post yesterday and I'm sure Deeter is cursing me up and down right now having to do "work" in the Bahamas, but if you'll take a look at the photo below I think you might be able to guess where I was from about 6:00am to 6:00pm yesterday. If you have no idea what this creature is, click here (watch The Hatch) and prepare to set aside a week of must do fishing at some point in your life.




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Evan V

I'll take a wild guess without watching the video and say, salmonfly.

tim romano


Cole M

Damn, I am jealous!


So that means you're not going with this weekend?

Evan V

Another way to help assure its a salmonfly, click on the image. Then look at the title of the image in the top of the screen titled "sfly".:p


Timmy, get back to work. Aw, shucks, I guess it's the weekend ... Nevermind. I'm now off to Long Island in the Bahamas to catch Mr. Big.

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