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June 23, 2008

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The Best Hat In The World


This is the inside of a hat I've had for about eight years now. Quite simply I could not do without this piece of fishing equipment. If you can't read the label in this photo, here's what it says:


(Replaced Free if it ever wears out)

It floats, ties on (front and/or back), repels rain, blocks UV rays and it won't shrink. It comes with eight "brag tags" in the security pocket plus a four page owners manual.

Ten ounce USA treated cotton duck; The best British Brass Hardware; Hydrofoil headband for superb anti-sweat comfort; handcrafted with canadian persnicketiness.

Machine/hand wash warm frequently (sweat permanently discolours fabric). Reshape, Air dry, then re-stretch over knee.

I love how those canadians spell color...

Anyhow, I've lost this hat - twice. Both times it was replaced free of charge. The ties for wind protection are some of the most elegant simple pieces I've ever seen on a hat, it floats (trust me I've tried it), and the stash pocket in the top is perfect for a fishing license. If you want a hat that does it all call the folks at Tilley Endurables. You will not be disappointed.



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Evan V

But tim, how bad does it smell?


tim, you forgot the most important sales testimonial, how they passed a tilley hat through an elephant (it ate the hat) like 2-3 times, and it survived!!


My dad is a beliver in the tilly too. He has one of the olive colored ones, and he has warn that thing everywhere. It has Phesant Hunted in South Dakota, Metal detected in Virginia, Bow hunted in Wisconsin, and Has plenty of Places to go. It is truly a Great Hat.

tim Romano


like roses.


they need to make a camo version for the baitcasters out there.


I agree that a Tilley hat is the best, but not that one. The best is the relatively new Air Flow. It is made of nylon and is much lighter and does all the things the cotton hats do so well. It also has very effective ventilation in the crown. It is so light you forget you are wearing it. REI has it for about $70.00.


"Elephant trainer Michael Hackenberger of the Bowmanville (Ontario) Zoo, had his Tilley Hat snatched from his head and eaten by an elephant. Three times. Michael later would find and pick up his Hat, wash it thoroughly, and wear it. He had declined to accept a new Tilley Hat in order that we may have his well-traveled Tilley for our museum. (We were secretly pleased!)" Alex Tilley, Ontario


I have had a couple, the only problem I have had was the brass got discolored. They ended up looking like the Statue of Liberty. That is the worst thing I can say about this hat.

Greg Wagner

Hey Tilley folks.....I have been very seriously considering the AirFlow for a long time, however.....how about one in SAGE or some such color. The natural color would be filthy about the first time I re-adjusted with my grubby hands. If I can get one in a color that somewhat hides the dirt I am in.

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