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June 27, 2008

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Spider goes "fly fishing"

I don't know about you folks, but when I was young I didn't get into burning insects with a magnifying glass or dousing them in gasoline. Nope, I was far more sadistic. I'd find bugs and feed them to panfish, trout, or the most creepy of all - spiders. Talk about a slow painful death...

I spent the last week helping my good friends at Horny Toad clothing company on a photo shoot in Baja. The surf camp we were shooting had spiders hanging from almost every cactus in sight. Along with the spiders were tons of beetles minding their own business in the dirt. The last day I was there the lightbulb finally went on... For the remaining couple of hours we were in camp I was the nut job hooping and hollering around camp throwing beetles to their deaths and filming it with my little point and shoot.

I figured since most fisherman are entomologists on some level you'd get a kick out of this. It took the spider all of two minutes to completely wrap this guy up.

Happy friday and have a great weekend.



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you are psychotic....I love it.

Is this how you deal with your not-so-secret death-fear of large spiders?

Evan V


Jon Malovich

Hey Joey, Have you ever seen a spider do that to some "Corn" LOL.


Evan V

Actually the worst thing you could do to a bug is set it on fire. During our 17 year cicada invasion of 04, I lit dozens on fire, and it did no impact. You couldnt walk outside without getting hit in the face by those guys.

Blue Ox

Beautiful, simply beautiful.
I like to feed grasshoppers to my scorpion. He grabs them in his pincers and just rips them apart. (hee hee!)
You can almost hear the 'hopper scream!


Cicada invasion....been there done that..place on tongue...let crawl in..close mouth..chew for a few moments...swallow..but wait something still in mouth... grab it... its a wing... stick on friends wall


Surf camp? Cactus? Looks like somebody's backyard rose garden to me.

You pullin' our legs?

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