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June 25, 2008

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Salt v. Fresh: Two Different Sports

Those of you who know me understand that I am the "anti-guru" when it comes to casting. I say casting matters for beans. At least on a river. And some of those "certified" whips who equate fly casting to quantum physics, I believe, are BS merchants who create more problems (by intimidation) than they solve.

But now I find myself on yet another saltwater foray (this one for stripers), and I realize casting matters most here. Maybe I should take some lessons. This is, after all, an entirely different sport. Any gurus wanna help?



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Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

Deeter if you can cast to a bone then a striper is not a challenge.

Capt Gordon

Any woman will tell you that longer is better.

Evan V

I say, the longer the cast, the higher the chance for error.

Chad Love

Mebbe get a nice baitcaster...?

Jon Malovich

Although there is some truth to the Hype surrounding the casting of a fly rod, have fished with some excellent, no world class fly casters and it is cool to see the skills what I was most impressed with them was their ability to catch fish!

although I am of the old school of thought , that no fish should be shamed by getting caught by a poor fisherman, i don't believe that is the same as a poor caster so to this I say if you don't learn how to fish the species then your casts will be the least of your worries.
P.S I am sure those Stripes will be shakin" in there Fins.

Marshall Cutchin

I heard that Joan Wulff has an opening.

Al Keller

I've seen ya cast, no problem. Just like nymph fishing with a 9-10wt chuck and duck with striper flies.

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