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June 30, 2008

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Name that Shark


I had the opportunity to fish with Field & Stream chief Anthony Licata and Joe Cermele, one of the magazine's bright editor stars (you might have seen his recent photo essay on the Texas coast) the other day. Great fun, and thanks to Joe for running the "Tunacious" to the sharkin' grounds.

You know what the difference is between outdoor writers/editors and many other writers/editors? In the outdoor world you have to do what you write about (and do it well) or you won't make it. In other words, you can cover the New England Patriots or New York Yankees having never played competitive football or baseball in your life (many beat reporters haven't); and you can cover the Obama or McCain campaign having never run for as much as class officer in high school. But you can't make it in the outdoor writing world unless you're out there walkin' the walk on a regular basis.

These boys at Field & Stream do.


So how about a little Monday bonus quiz for a prize? Who can tell me the species of shark Anthony caught from the photo below? I'll pick a correct answer (more than one, we'll draw from a hat) and send you an autographed copy of the book Tideline.

Here it is:


Good Luck.



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Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

Black Tip!


Spinner shark

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

By the way Deeter when i was Tennessee I caught my personal best trout a five pounder on a black woolly bugger

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

On your rod and line that you gave me. (sorry forgot to include that)


Outdoor writers should also get their facts straight...it's TUNACIOUS. Just bustin' chops. You've got an invite onboard any time Kirk. I had a blast

Chad Miller

I love the ID game. My dad and I have done it since I was a kid. I am going to say Grey Reef Shark. I thought about saying Lemon but it looks to dark on top and some Lemons have a rounded nose. Tough pic to tell though. Grey Reef


monday morning stab in the dark: Silky.


Cool, Joe ... does that make me "Tunacious D?"

Everybody KEEP GUESSING. No hits yet.

Capt Gordon

A big one.

Chad Miller

Okay one more guess. Thresher shark. I am guessing a real shark guy would be able to tell immediately.


Disagree with you Chad. This is one of those species that looks very similar to 10 other species, but a thresher it is not

tim romano

land shark?

Chad Miller

No Tim just a friendly Dolphin

tim romano

candy gram...

John Bateman

Blue Shark


Salsa shark?


Gonna say blue shark..............


Blue shark, dont think it posted the first time.


We need more of the shark in the photo to really ID I think, could be a reef or white tip shark. Looks too large to be a sharpnose.

It`s a blue shark taken with bad lighting !

It`s a blue shark taken with bad lighting

Darren Dorris

Brown shark AKA sandbar shark

Evan V

I gotta say bull shark.


Pool shark


Dusky Shark?

Alabama flygirl

I'm guessing black tip. Looks like fun Deeter!

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