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June 04, 2008

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Magnetic Appeal


Enough of all this bickering. I personally don't care if a "fly" has a propeller, plastic head, or a light up tail. As long as I can cast it with a fly rod that's all that matters. Maybe the this Mississippi trip is getting to me? Anyway back to the post at hand...

Notice anything about the chest pack above? Look closely.

Still don't see it? That's because they're not there.

Zippers that is.

William Joseph has has taken years to develop this system of magnets as a supreme closure system. This patent pending technology utilizes a system to extrude rare earth magnets, thus allowing them to be sewn completely around all openings on a fishing pack, and eliminating the need for zippers, which in my opinion has been the major problem with chest packs contributing to snags of your fly line. Not to mention it's about three times as fast opening and closing your pack.

I've been using this pack in the Mag Series of WJ's line now for about a month and I can honestly say it's easily the best chest pack I've ever used and maybe one of the true advances in the fly fishing gear this year. I'm not one to go on and on about a product, but this is one you have to at least give give a passing glance. Check out William Joseph's entire line here.

Does anyone out there use chest packs? What about vests? Hip packs? What do you guys like and why? I tend to go back and forth between hip and chest packs. I left the vest years ago for the old timers like Deeter to use...it's just to much stuff to lug around.



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Deeter ain't luggin' no stuff around. He's dialed. Are you?


i like hip packs. why would you use a pack that wasn't hip?

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

Chest packs, i use the William Joseph Creel chest pack and i love it. Built in tool holders, fly patch INSIDE so you don't have all of those flys fall into the "unknown Abyss" where lost gear seems to go. Its also great as it can have those camel back things in them holding your water. best 45 dollars i ever spent.


I have an old, almost antiqued vest that i were that is perfect for my most used flys/lures, and an old camelback that carries several boxes and books more. Load this with water, maybe a small lunch, and i'll be wading in the creek at 5 AM and you wont see me until at least noon, ussaully later. Its perfect.

fly fish chick

as a girl I tend to avoid chest packs, vests, or anything that awkwardly carries gear on my chest. so I use a hip pack for wading.

that said, this does look like a pretty cool new option for those who like to keep things close to the vest(chest)

I use a simms chest pack on my belt with shorts in the summer... every other time I load up in a cloudviel 8x jacket, no pack/vest.

The wading jacket is much better than vest or pack. More organic feeling (?) and free feeling

Anthony Bartkowski

FFChick is saucy feeling tonight. It may get to the same for me as I have cracked a cold one to relish after my first day in Bass waters today. For you boys back in the mountains - the flip flop tan will be rockin soon.

As for packs - I am a hip pack kinda guy. I don't like the weight around my neck and shoulders all day as it causes back pain.


I use a hip bag it is easier on us girls but the bag seems like the right thing for my friend so I'll send him to check it out when we go fishing together there is alway little more stuff and he is using chest bag anyway

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