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June 19, 2008

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Fly Fishing For Snakes - Funny or Stupid?

You decide.

Today will mark the start of Funny or Stupid string of posts on Fly Talk. My mission is to find something I most likely will find pretty funny. I do, however, have a pretty sick sense of humor so I'm sure there will be many who disagree with me. So, let me know what you think - Funny or Stupid? Heck, I'm even open to changing the name of this weekly event.



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I like the name. Just wondering if the choice of an F and an S word was planned or a lucky coincidence ...


its all fun and games untill you have to get the hook out...

my vote goes for stupid, but if it showed him getting bit id change it to funny.

tim Romano


while I'd like to claim that i had the foresight to see the F&S, I'm just not that witty. I like it though.


Evan V

Can't it be both funny AND stupid?

Alabama flygirl

I find it kind of funny but it also makes my skin crawl! Glad I wasn't in the boat that was bringing that "catch" in!


Funny - there's no room for discrimintaion in this world!

The might be - Formula 1 or NASCAR; Family Guy or Sponge Bob; Jimmy Houston or Bill Dance (that one might be put either way).

Blue Ox

I'd have to say funny, unless you end up landing a moccasin or a rattler.

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