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May 27, 2008

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Guide "Service"


Anyone ever had a guide like this?

Yeah, me neither...



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Blue Ox

I'm not sure any of us could ever be that lucky.
But I'm thinking (hoping!) this is who will be guiding us once we float past that final bend in the river.


Not so fast there, Mississippi Boy. Twelve years ago, I had a guide who'd put your bimbo to shame. Okay, she wasn't as well dressed as yours ... But she was 5'11, blonde and beautiful. Assisting her father in the search for stripers off Nantucket in rough conditions, she showed six pretty competent guys how to cast long distances into the wind. She gaffed the fish, she cleaned 'em, she did everything with an athletic grace that can't be faked. She wasn't just a guide with olympic-caliber skills ... she was an olympic athlete. Would go on to win a gold medal and an Ivy league education. Tell me what are your sign-holding senorita's credentials?

Alabama flygirl

dangit...I TOLD them to quit using that picture of me! hehehe


Come to think of it, I did have a pretty gal guide me and some buds for stripers out of the Niantic on Long Island Sound. Petite and thin she put us on Blues and Stripers with ease. She was good with the boat, would curse at the annoying head boats and still be friendly to us. Yup col pretty fishing gal guides are real.

tim Romano

credentials? Curmudgeon, didn't you read the post? I was wishing, daydreaming, hoping... Unfortunately I found this picture in backwoods bait/fly shop and was never in the presence of this fly fishing goddess.

Matt H

i've seen this picture before. did you find it in a victoria secret mag?

they did a series of fly fishing pictures in the sport illustrated swimsuit edition a while back....i'm not sure if this is from that or not but it does look familiar

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