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April 24, 2008

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The Line Winner ...

Is Steve C., with the first answer out of the box, though a lot of those answers are theoretically correct. The reason Steve wins is that's a real-life experience from the Arkansas River not long ago. His answer is exactly what happened. The wind played a big role in that.

Tell you what, we'll have a rematch with another prize tomorrow ... but I need to think up a harder question. Steve, E-mail [email protected],com, and we'll get that line sent.



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Steve C.



i know corn could be correct, not just theoretically...


don't think of a harder question, just one with only 1 clear answer.


joey's impression of a kirk deeter riddle:

"hey, i was out fishing the other day, and i caught some fish...what was i doing?"

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

Ask whre i live as i need a box of flies i counted and have 16 of them.



use corn!!

buy 1 can, and there are like 800+ of 'em!!!


Joey - Deadon with the Deeter Riddle. Maybe he should turn the reigns over to Romano for the riddle this week.

On top of it all, you and I never have a prayer of winning anything. We just get a back slap with a don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya...



Alex - Starting trying flies. Saves a lot of money and passes the time.


anthony, i'm thinking that he makes the riddles vague so he can arbitrarily choose the correct answer and who wins at the end.

of course, 'corn' probably isn't a good answer anywhere on 'FLYtalk', but i'm gonna keep trying.

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

As i said earlyer i don't have the money for it.Its hard to get a job at 13 with all those illegals stealing the paper boy jobs...sigh.


"illegals"??? holy SH!T, that's a bit jaded for a 13 yr old...

bet those "illegals" are working so they can just eat, much less enjoy screwing around a river catching fish for fun with a fly rod!!

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

I know that was a little mean but they take all the jobs that kids can do when there a 1000 more jobs elsewhere. The only reasons i use that term is that there is a lot of them here fishing forsmall mouth and whatever they catch to eat, They dont care what meathods they use nets slingshots hell, they will even try to spear them. I hate that they take all of the small mouth out of the river when there are 1000000 more carp to be taken. If i ever catch a carp i give it to whoever wants it which usualy is them.



We have been in your shoes. When Joey, Deeter, and I were kids I bet we pushed our fair share of lawn mowers, used shovels to dig snow, and put up a lemonade stand to earn a few bucks to spend at the tackle shop.

Basic fly tying kit is minimal. Another idea is to walk into the local shop and let them know that you will work for trade on products - this will get you the first kit quick.



In matter of fact, I might just bring a can of corn for this weekend's guide trip to really shock the clients.


alex, it's not just that what you said was mean, it's that for a youngster that hasn't really been out in the real world to experience things for yourself, i think you are repeating some racist redneck stuff. i don't know where you hear that from, and i don't want to know.

first of all, how do you know they are 'illegal'? white immigrants came to north america and killed all the natives and established their own laws. technically, they came over 'illegally'. secondly, if they are eating all the small mouth but it's within the rules and regulations of your state, then there's not much you can do or say about that. if they are doing it illegally, then that's another issue. white americans shot and killed all the buffalo in this country, not to mention a whole lot of other animals (bears, wolves, native trout, etc.) before there were laws. the list goes on, so poaching is not exclusive to illegals or immigrants.

and as far as jobs go, in case you having been reading the news, there aren't 1000's of jobs out there. they aren't 'stealing' anyone's jobs, they are just willing to work for less than you will. the employers are as much to blame as anyone for hiring them. if you can do a better job than they can and for less, i'm sure the 'paper' would consider hiring you instead. go for it.

instead, hit your parents up for some cash or work for them til you turn 15. by a fly tying kit, like anthony said. by then, there will be "1000's" of jobs you can apply for. paperboy jobs suck anyway, nobody even gets their news from a paper any more. and by the way, how many paper boys are there where you live, like 2?

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

Yea i have no tackle stores near me i get stuff online 2 i know im being hypocritical but the Mexicans are what piss me off ... i have called the dnr on them around 100 times because illegal
methods and i am sick of it.. plus i don't want a ton of s*** from you on how there are a million jobs for me to do THERE ARE ONLY 14 I TRIED FOR ALL OF THEM BUT I DIDN'T GET A JOB PLUS I DON'T GET ALLOWANCE FROM MY PARENTS THEY DON'T BELIEVE IN THAT. God i just want to be able to do something i love without getting bugged.I don't use corn by the wan im a FLY FISHERMAN FOR GODS SAKE... im sorry but you just make me so mad sometimes...I only fly fish its a challenge not a joke.

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

And there is a rule that you cant keep a smallmouth or a largemouth Bass.Plus the way i know there illegal is they don't speak any English until the dnr comes and gets involved.Please stop giving me crap for all of my posts im just stating a point.


ok, alex. listen up:

i don't know where you learned to HATE, but you should first stop blaming mexicans for your own short comings. just because you're not good enough to get a job, it's not the mexicans' fault. they are some of the hardest working people around and they do a lot of crappy jobs that i'm sure many americans (including you) wouldn't do. what job experience do you have? probably none. why would someone hire you?

and by the way, what are you doing at 13 looking for a job? aren't there child labor laws against that?

in another year or so, you will be legal for those 1000's of jobs you yourself said are available. so be patient. sorry your parents can't help you out. but please, stop whining and begging for free fishing crap. you can win stuff fair and square, but please stop whining, there's no dignity in it. you'll never see those mexicans that you hate whining.

and i'm giving you crap not for your posts, this is a public forum, you can say what you want. but realize that your posts are full of hate and racism, and you're not really even old enough to know what you are saying. if those people, whether they are mexican or not, are fishing with illegal methods, then they are fishing illegally. has nothing to do with them being mexican and taking your jobs, etc...that's just racist crap that has nothing to do but with your own hatred.

i seem to recall in an earlier post of yours, you said yourself that you killed a fish to mount. what's the difference?

i know you're just a kid, and i feel bad for giving you crap. but you started it with your ugly posts, and if i can show you the errors of your ways, maybe the world will end up with one less brainwashed redneck.

by the way, CORN is a joke, if you haven't figured that out yet.

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

You're right im sorry but it is hard to get my parents to give me money and i do know about politics ok but im sick of fighting over stupid things what is said is said.


ok, alex...i understand your frustrations. but it's not about politics, it's just about not hating and blaming other people for your own personal problems. you fly fish and you have internet and a home and a family. a lot of people have a lot more real things to complain about than you. be strong!

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