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April 25, 2008

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Snagging Snap Shots


Seems as some of you think I snagged that last fish... Granted we've already had the snagging debate, but what I want to know is how many of you have posed for a picture with a snagged fish?

I'll admit I've taken a few...of other people that is. There's been a few I'm not proud of, but when your getting paid to shoot fishing photography sometimes you take what the fish gods will give you. So yes, I'm not proud of it, but I have. What about you? How many of you have photos on the wall of snagged fish? A better question is does it matter?



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Evan V

I can't help it if the fish has poor mouth/eye coordination and takes a swipe and hooks its fin!
But I have. Stocked brown trout like red ants, but don't wanna eat. Apparently their fins like them more.


i dunno, but i have pictures with women i've never ******, does that matter?

seriously, i think it's kind of lame if the insinuation is that they caught it fair and square. but if it's just a scientific photo of a fish, then i guess it doesn't matter. just depends.


haha, that's a funny illustration. that's one (mortally) SNAGGGGGED fish, all right!


Personally I haven't taken a picture for a snagged fish, now on a slow day I will fight a snagged fish and try to land a snagged fish then it counts for me not getting skunked!


Just recently I did. I'd never lie to anyone regarding the story, but as I never expected to catch a sturgeon and certainly wasn't targeting them that day I just had to have a shot of it.

tim romano

Sturgeon!? Well, yeah I'd take a shot of that! What were you fishing for?


Pictures with a accidentally snagged fish is fine and it's proper to add a disclaimer when sharing stories. Straight-up intentionally snagging a fish is pretty low in any instance I can think of at the moment. Nonetheless, even lower to pose with it!


I was jigging a clipped sabiki rig for herring as striper bait.(I know, this is a fly-fishing blog) I thought I had hooked a shad at first, but a 2 foot sturgeon rolled to the top with a size 10 hook in his pectoral fin.

tim romano


cool, thanks. as far as I'm concerned it's an "everything" fishing blog. any fishing is good fishing...



Thanks. It was snagged and I'll admit it, but it made my otherwise slow day.


no, any fishing is not good. fly fishing is the best because it's the most expensive.

also, i like to snag fish in the eye.

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

Joey Thats cruel...and flyfishing dosent have to be expensive but then its just no fun...lol!

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