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April 24, 2008

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APB: Romano Can Fish!


I promised you all a more difficult quiz today. Here it is ... how on earth did Tim Romano manage to catch this fish? Nah, I'll tell you ... it ate a red zebra midge in that almost-runoff stage, in very shallow water. After a very difficult up-wind cast. On 5X tippet. All we need are congrats to Tim now, the quiz is postponed until Monday.

Note: Photo by Duncan Coker. Tim, the photographer on the Field & Stream magazine feature job yesterday, was apparently to busy fishing. Go figure.



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and sporting a wicked farmer's tan to boot! some people have it all ;)


FOUL BALL - FOUL HOOK. It's that time of year. Timmy you were just a little late on the hook set.

Nice foul hooking.


you didn't need a midge for that trout. did you check it's stomach contents? i'll bet it was full of CORN!!


Anthony, would a guy like Romano really pose for a pic with a fish he foul-hooked without removing the fly from its foul-hooking?

Come on! That's the man's thumb on the top of the fish. Count his fingers on its underside at the pectoral fin:
One, Two, Three...Four.

Now take into account that (sorry Tim) the fish really isn't big enough to hide his whole hand, and you can clearly see that his thumb is sticking up on the backside of the fish.


Do you also happen to note that Tim's index finger is pointing where he stuck the fish???

In the butt Bob...

tim romano


I had also thought I foul hooked this beast, as it wasn't coming to the net. I just assumed I had ass hooked a nice fish. To my surprise he actually ate it and was big enough to warrant a long fight. My forearm is sore today (no comments here Anthony). I agree the pic doesn't quite do it justice, but this was a five and a half to six pound fish. Ethan, thanks for the back up. Anthony - you're just jealous.

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