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April 08, 2008

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Prescription Polarized Lenses Too Expensive?


Here's the solution.

Live Eyewear has redisgned their Cocoons OveRX sunglass collection for 2008 with a new lens system including four choices of tints, soft touch finish, and adjustable temples.

Simply pop these bad boys over your existing pair of prescription glasses and voila, polarized prescription at a fraction of the cost. While the design seems reminiscent of the "blue blockers" from the eighties they're really not that bad once you get them on. Heck, if BASS pros Mike Iaconelli and Ish Monroe are wearing them they have to be cool.


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Casper J

I own two pairs of the 2007 series. These new 2008 Cocoons look similar, but I read about the new lenses.... I can tell you one thing... when I fish I always wear Cocoons. I see below the waters reflection and i no longer get headaches from eyestrain.

Great review.. thanks.

Evan V

I think I'll stick with my 5$ polarized glasses from walmart.

tim romano


Prescription is the key word. I highly doubt you can get RX or over-glasses at walmart for $5. Who knows though, perhaps I'm wrong...

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