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April 21, 2008

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Monday Afternoon Fishing Cartoons

It's monday afternoon and I thought we could all use a little break from Deeter's super "serious" questions about fishing with ipods, hard working guides, etc... I found this rough sketch of a cartoon while surfing youtube for all things fishy and found it to be quite therapeutic for the monday afternoon blahs.




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Looks like Deeter - Classic!!!

Lately have you guys noticed this?

Kirk - serious stories

Tim - funny/strange stories and images

Call them the Fred and Barney of the Fly Fishing World. Ok - maybe the Flintstones are not right. How about the Odd Couple - Oscar (Deeter) and Felix (Romano).

In the show, Oscar is a New York journalist and Felix is a photographer. Pretty close similarities - and it includes physical and appearances.

Blue Ox

That fisherman must be related to Wile E. Coyote...

Jon Malovich

I think I've had that guy in my boat a time or two! but he was a good tipper!

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