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April 29, 2008

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How Montana Should Be Fished


Our buddy Joe Cermele of Field & Stream just offered up this great photo essay on fieldandstream.com. Go check it out; some of you might recognize the stops he and his friend Mark Wizeman made. (You can also see the full story in the June issue of F&S.)

We like the clever "33 Rules of the Trout Fishing Road." But what we really like, Joe, is the way you got after it. That's how Montana should be fished. Road trip. Down 'n dirty. Granola bars and beer. Cheap hotels and bars. Big fish, snakes, and dusty roads. Is there any more important rite of passage for the bona fide trout bum than a road trip through Montana, the right way?

Well done, Joe. Not only do we like how you write/shoot ... we like how you roll.



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This is the MasterCard commercial for all die-hard trout bums. If anyone ever wants to try this - do it. I can not speak of the personal rewards you get with exploring new waters, new towns, and becoming one with the fly rod.

I have taken a week off every year for the last 8 years to spend that time in a river. Sometimes I will spend a couple days in one river and then move to the next, and unfortunately have to return back to reality.

Great photo essay. You guys captured what it is like - Fish, Rivers, Townies, Raffles, and Cold Beer.

as moeggs

I wish I had more "me" time to do this sort of trip.......til' then, i'll just have another beer, barkeep.

make time.


Good job Joe! Can't wait to see the full feature in the next issue!

fly fish chick

Great post on a terrific photo essay

enjoyed the bit about the raffle. my mom was visiting MT and entered a fundraiser raffle at a cafe/bar in Wolf Creek. She won the rifle! It was pretty funny...

Alex Williams

great story! i want to go do this sooo bad. did yall hear the shoutuot on the Today show to flyfishing. Matt Lauer was in Patagonia and it showed him flyfishing in a stream and he said that Patagonia had some of the best flyfishing in the world (even though he didnt even get a nibble)


I've been reading this blog for a while but this is my first time commenting...I will be graduating from college in a month and plan on taking a similar trip out through MT, WY, ID, and CO this summer after earning a little money at my job back home. Haven't been out west since I was little (I go to school in Chicago and my family lives in Ohio). I would appreciate any recommendations you guys might have for places to do some backpacking and where I might find some fish that aren't overly crowded. Seems that lots of the folks on these F&S blogs have a great deal of insight/experience and I'd love to hear your thoughts

tim romano


email me at [email protected] and I can give you some insight for Colorado.


I was the one fishing with Matt Lauer here in Patagonia and he has a great cast! He said his dad taught him to fly fish as a boy. You could tell, he's a natural. We had to pretty much drag him out of the stream when we wrapped the shoot.

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