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April 22, 2008

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Going Deep ... Again


I'm going back under ... the surface of the trout river, that is. As I did before in this Feb. '07 Field & Stream feature.

But this time around, I need your help. Do you wonder what's happening down there? What are your questions? Describe for me the intel you're looking for, and I'll go down and get it. Then I'll give you your answers right here, once we've resurfaced, and completed phase II of the experiment.



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I want a report on the hatching bugs. What does it actually look like. Is it true what we have read?

See if you can capture a Caddis or BWO hatch? I will be a participant again, but you can carry the weight belt this time.


Oh I'm counting on you being there.

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

Mine is that you need to do one on my hometown river (the fox) Then i could be in the magazine.


That had to be the coolest perspective of fly fishing I've ever seen. Streamer action would be interesting to investigate. Maybe in a place like right under the dam at Upper Cheeseman if you could get permission to fish it. I'm quite certain I could help haul gear into that location. Wink, wink!


i wanna know how many beer cans you found, and if you found any wallets with money.

Chad Miller

Saw a guy, during the peak of the Salmon run on the B. Manistee, scuba diving amongst a bunch of chuckers and duckers. Man what an ugly scene. Have no idea what he was doing but it freaked me out seeing a guy swimming with scuba and dozens of "anglers" around.
Besides looking at bugs you should really look at what your flies look like when they float by. I think many of you would be suprised at how they float, it would probably change the way you set your bobber.


What do the fish do when they see a fly that is swinging in the current? Is it really that much better to have a dragless drift?


depends what fish you are talking about and what you are trying to imitate. if a trout is keyed in on hatching aquatic insects, most likely you want to imitate them with a dead drift. if you are streamer fishing, then a swing in the current. of course, these are generalizations.


How about we get some Sculpins and release them when you are down under to see the reaction. Then it will be a full harvest story.

Tyler P

Make it the Naknek for the smolt migration, that would be cool as hell trying to see all those little salmon get past Mr. rainbow to the ocean. Oh since your in Colorado can you pull the mission impossible and sneak underneath all those private fences and gates. Bring a bag to transport Mr. Richy's fish back to normality for all to catch and enjoy.

Jon Malovich

Hey Deeter,
How about checking on the Crawdad action, not sure what river you will be scouting but I have found some local waters in Nor Cal that a good Craw pattern will yield some nice fish. I think it would be great to get a better idea of how important they really are and what their habits are as they relate to big trout and Steel Head.

Not to mention the Bass and Panfish population.

P.S if you find any good gear at the bottom I call dibs!!

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

No! I want it (at least any flies) As a few weeks ago i lost my only box of them and cant afford to buy any more. I only have a dozen or so.

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