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April 30, 2008

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Clear Fly Line


As usual, my MidCurrent newsletter has something thought provoking and insightful about a piece of gear I wrote off a long time ago, clear fly lines.  To be perfectly honest I have no idea why more people don't use them.  They make perfect sense, right? It does depends on who you ask though...  I've been in situations where saltwater guides hate them as they have no idea where their client's fly is when it hits the water and others who love that fish can't see them.  Take the time and read Paul Bruun's piece via MidCurrent today on the ins and outs of clear fly lines and the history that might have given them the bad rap.

PS - All you gear hounds out there! MidCurrent is giving away the chance to win a ton of free stuff if you sign up for their email newsletter.  Click here for details.



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Evan V

Or you could just buy a fly line the same color as the water you fish. (ex; saltwater=blue line, creeks=green line, etc)

tim romano


you have a point, but the last time I checked water was clear

Evan V

Well thats a no brainer. But lets say the sky is blue and the water is green on a certain day. You cast out blue line, the fish look up and see all blue. But you look down, you see blue line.

Michael Pepi

good idea for salmon fishing maybe.

Tony Fotopulos

I think the clear lines don't cast a big shadow that spooky fish can detect from below. Paul's article is right on and is good info to know when you run into a tough situation. I just returned from the Florida Keys where the Poons are rolling in by the hundreds. 2 days of throwing good shots(more than 100 per day) at big strings of Tarpon in calm conditions (no wind and glassy surface even on the ocean side) only yielded 6 bites. On the 3rd day our Capt. broke out the Monic lines and we were able to feed some really sensitive fish. I am convinced that without the clear line our success would have been very limited. I have used the Monic lines in the past to feed the impossible to catch Tarpon under the dock lights in the BVI. It really worked! It does take some pratice to track your fly in current, but it will only make you a better fisherman.I will be packing 2 clear lines (11 & 12 weight floating)for the rest of Tarpon season!

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