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March 25, 2008

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Wind Knots and the Big Bang Theory


I know, there's no such thing as a wind knot, they're bad cast knots (even when it's blowing 30 m.p.h.). But if you want to blame the elements, that's fine with me.

I will say, however, that I have never, in all my life, seen a tangled line mess get fixed by whirling and twirling the rod tip in the reverse direction after the disaster happens. It might be human nature to try and “undo” the problem with a spastic wobble, but I've never understood why folks do that. "Oh dang, I have a loop in my leader, let me ... oomph ... just ... shake ... fix that ... wiggle, twitch ... by shaking the rod." Voila! The perfect cluster(knot)!

When I see the intricate, complex knots that result from an angler brain-fart and a sharp shake of a graphite stick, it reinforces my belief that this whole delicately balanced planet--indeed universe--may have resulted from a massive explosion.



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Jon Malovich

I had to laugh out loud as i read on about the "Wiggle" technique to clear up the mess at the end of ones line! As a former guide i too have had to cut many a leader and re-tie a lot of rigs due to the fact that "a Shake will fix it" mentality!

as for the big bang well thats the sound a guide makes the 50th time he has to re-build a guys leader.



So true oh wise Deeter. Jon Malovich you are dead on as well.

My guide season kicked off last week and sure enough I had to rebuild leaders, and untangle rat nests. Classic wiggles and yanks to make it right. One point I said, don't move I will get it.

This was a great start of the year and was told Rule #1 by the husband...

"If the wife is happy, we are all happy." That pretty much goes for all of us married guys.

Needless to say - I was focused on the Better Half for most of the day.

KD - It is time to get ready for guide stories of the year.

Scott G

even better than the wiggle is after spending five minutes working on a knot pre-maturely tugging at the tangled mess knowing full well that its not ready for a tuggung... guilty as charged..


Is there really a problem with wind knots in your leader? ;-)

Guilty as well. I have fixed my casting so I don't get the loops nearly as much.

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