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March 13, 2008

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Trout Unlimited Television

Now for some quality programing WORTH watching. Trout Unlimited will be premiering its new TV show on the Outdoor Channel this April with our friend Frank Smethurst as the host. Frank travels to 8 states and 14 rivers around the country spreading the gospel of TU in a custom Airstream trailer and having some fun along the way. Thought I'd end the day on an upbeat note. Enjoy.

Tim Romano


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More fish porn. Gotta love fish porn.

I can't stand that guy

krista of colorado

I am offended by his bikini comments, it has no place in fly fishing. It was a gentleman's sport.

smethurst is epic,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Not


lighten up. what's the problem, your bikini bod isn't ready for the season?

smethurst is a tool though.

Mc. Squizzy

Change of subject please. Sounds cool. I don't have outdoor channel though. I've got Versus.


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