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March 28, 2008

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The Fish You Never See


It's the splash. That noise you hear behind you, up stream, or on the other side of the boat. You know, when it's just getting dark.

Possibly catching a glimpse of the water splashing down, or a tail slipping back into the water. Just when you'd given up hope that there were even fish to be had where you decided to wet a line. That stupid little sound that makes you stay an extra hour.

This particular splash was a bit bigger than normal. What do you think made it?



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maybe it was that same deer that went over the waterfall. decided to take another dip?


I've done that many times. It usually happens after I've caught 0 fish and the sun is setting. I know that it's probably a muskrat but the chance of catching the fish of a lifetime makes me stay. I'll never learn.

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

It looks like a tarpon or a bonefish on the flats.

Blue Ox

It's the Predator chasing after Arnold again.


Mako shark?

tim romano


I've actually wondered myself how many times a muskrat, beaver, or some other vermin has tricked me into fishing into total darkness... Many I'm sure.

Blue Ox,

Love that movie. I think I watched it 50 times as a kid.

The Fish was actually a marlin of the coast of Baja about an hour north of Cabo.

josh from maine

not sure what that fish was...maybe a marlin. Oh and I got the chest pack that you sent tim, thanks again.


That splash looks familiar ...


Timmy - It was a dirt clod from the sky...


Looks like a whale fluke hitting the water.

tim romano


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