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March 11, 2008

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Spring Is In The Air

I don't care what the calendar says, it's spring. At least I'm going to try and manifest it by bringing the boat out of hibernation and getting out on the water. I implore you to do the same. Get out the boat, waders, dusty rods, nets, tackle, etc... Just get out and help me make it spring.

We spent the past weekend floating the Roaring Fork river near Glenwood Springs, Colorado and although it wasn't quite spring conditions, we had a pretty good weekend pretending it was. Here's some photos from this weekend.




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Evan V

If it were only as easy as pretending its spring. Here, we get a taste of spring, then get a cold slap in the face by old man winter.
And hey you forgot your beer!


Tell me you had a third Tim. Got an Aspen 4-pack with 3 days left on it and what a weekend that would be. Fish AND ski.

Chad Love

Is that a chessie in your pic? If it is then you are a man of unusual taste and cultivation. I myself have had the great honor of being owned by a trio of chessies.

Chad Love

And I don't mean unusual in the pejorative sense. I've been owned by nothing else since my senior year of college.

tim romano


Wish I could claim her. She's actually my friend, Jeff's dog. She's a real sweetie... She's pretty young and this was her first time on a boat. Actually her first time swimming as well. I think she'll be logging some serious hours on the boat this summer.

Peeet- Bode (the chessie) was our third. Sorry man.

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