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March 31, 2008

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Hockey: The Sport for Flyfishers

My hoops bracket fell apart yesterday when Memphis dusted Texas ... which ticked me off because I had all the fundamental elements for success in place: Assume the Big 10 is overrated and will choke, find a hot 3-shooting team, dismiss the team that cannot shoot free throws (which is what killed me with Memphis), and factor in pseudo-home court advantages when possible (good job UNC, not quite, Longhorns).

Truthfully, I didn't even tune in, because I was too busy watching far more interesting NCAA tournament action ... on the ice. Now you tell me what's not to love about hockey. Fast action ... big hits ... in the last two minutes of the game, you aren't subjected to 14 timeouts with a barrage of Viagra commercials ... and the skill those athletes possess, combining fancy skating on a slippery surface, with graceful stickwork and pinpoint shots ...

Hey wait ... slippery feet, fancy stickwork, innate skills developed over years ... that's FLYFISHING!!!

Granted, we're a bit light on the athleticism, mullets, and bloody knuckles, but if anyone wants to argue the beauty of hockey as a distant third cousin twice-removed from flyfishing, I'm ready to drop my fingerless gloves and have a go, right now. Well, maybe not.



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David Boones

It's also pretty hard to lose a tooth on the stream. Although my dad did hook his cousin in the mouth with a no. 18 Adams once.


Bloody knuckles - Happens fly fishing too... At least bloody hands when impaled with a fly. Just ask my clients from last week.

Other hockey/fly fishing similarities:

1. Stinky equipment - Hockey equipment and waders

2. Funny looking pants - Waders and hockey pants

3. Footwear - Skates and Felt Soled Boots

Dead on my friend.


I think we were watching the same 2 channels Deeter. And yes, more hockey and fewer guys singing about Viagra is always a good thing. Don't fall back on that Big 10 rule for this tourney. Wisconsin is looking good.


I can only invoke the Big 10 Rule (the Badgers are already toast, by the way) because I am, in fact a Big 10 man. Now, I won't say which school -- Go Blue -- (whoops, I sneezed) -- but I will admit that my allegiance probably, sorta, kinda has something to do with my skew toward the Frozen Four over the Final Four this year ...


Just bought my first fly fishing outfit at age 58. I've always joked that fly fishermen are just vegetarians who like streams. Nice connection though, Being up here, you've gotta love hockey!

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