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March 21, 2008

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Choices, choices

All things being equal (expense not a factor), which would you rather catch ...


or this?



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Tarpon. Hands down.

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

As awalys the tarpon i went down to florida a few weeks agao and cought a 30 pound one of those and man that was fun.


More opportunities to catch the former, but would much rather be catching the latter.

Blue Ox

I think that as long as you're out there with your line in the water, and you're doing what you love doing, then it really shouldn't matter. Catching either fish would simply be a bonus.
But that's just me.

Evan V

The trout. I'd rather catch 50 that size than 1 tarpon that size. I prefer quanity over quality. And even if, thats a nice trout, and 50 that size would be awesome!

conway bowman

'poons every time!if i lived in FLA. but hey, if i'm fishin' it's all good. Carp, bluegill, bass, trout whatever!

still there in no fish like the Tarpon!
man, i can understand why guys give up everything ( chicks, jobs, house,cars the whole thing just to chase these unreal fish!!



Pretty smart call Evan V ... that tarpon weighed 50 pounds (little), the brown is a 20-incher. But you're all right ... it's all good!


Well considering the abundance of trout within such a short distance of where I live, of course a tarpon would be the easy choice. Anything that takes you into the backing will do. When do we leave?

Tony Fotopulos

There is nothing like a "Poon in the air"! Whether it's the 90lb. ocean migrant or the 150lb toad in the backcountry it's total adrenaline. My life as an angler changed when I launched my first Tarpon 6 feet in the air and a back flip! I will never forget it and can't wait to do it again. The Poon is explosive!


Variety is the spice of life. I can't say I'd take one over the other. Although I'd sure like to catch silver one day, I like my trout just the same.


The comparison is a bit like comparing shooting a rabbit, or big buck. Both are challenging and exciting, but the chance to take the big buck outweighs the bunny every time. This is a similar situation with the rainbow and the tarpon.


It is a brilliant question. One of those beach vs. mountains arguements that can probably point to who you really are as a person. I think I'd prefer a nice couple of trout on a cool day in the mountains.

Rob S.

The trout - easy question. The surroundings, the solitude, the tranquility. Big fish are fun - trout are the real deal.


Blue Ox,
Your not the only one. I agree with you 100%


Jon Malovich

With as many of us that have caught a few nice trout, and few that have caught one of the "SILVER KINGS" I still set my preferences on trout during the May-October time period and heading for more tropical venues as the cold hits the lower 48 so for me it is a matter of time and place but they both have earned my respect as a sportsman and fly angler.

Dillon O'Donnell

Trout for one reason, try catching a steel-head on a five-weight rod

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