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March 12, 2008

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Carp Anyone?

A shameless plug for one of my own stories, over on the mother ship at fieldandstream.com...

Carp Photo Essay

What I really wonder, however, is if there are any takers among you folks ... anyone ready to sit at a "peg" for 100 hours? Do you still think carp are trash fish? I don't. It's actually a pretty interesting, technical game.



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You gotta check out John Montana, this guy near Portland, Oregon. He's a fly fishing for carp maniac: http://carponthefly.blogspot.com/

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

They are fun to catch they fight like bones and are the fresh water equivlent
to bones i fly fish for them all the time

Blue Ox

Easy to find, easy to catch, and they put up a hell of a fight. What's not to like?


"'Bullsh**. You broke this on a carp.'"

-John Gierach, quoting his rod repair man.


Jon Shope

Carp are, in my humble opinion as well, the freshwater equal to the elusive bonefish. We sight cast to pods of fish in the Indiana reservoir spillways and tail waters. My first time out, I unceremoniously slid down the concrete structure with most of my weight grinding on a loaner 3wt Sage rod. After recovering from my fall I dusted off the rod and sceptically tied on a bumble bee pattern. One fish after another screamed line off the reel. I was hooked! They are discriminating fish and the angler needs to be quick on the takeup to secure the hook gently. The fish is ancient like a dinosour for one reason...They do not eat stuff that kills them. They pick up the fly and roll it around in their rubbery mouth. If its not food, out it goes! Pay attention and have a blast with carp on concrete!

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