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February 08, 2008

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The PhD Midge Quiz


Here’s a tricky question for you. If you get this one, you should be a guide …

Andy was fishing the Bighorn in May with his favorite guide, Dan. The streamer fishing was fair. The mayflies were sparse. Nothing really happening in terms of terrestrials at that time of year. But there were midges. Tons of midges, rafting and swirling in every current, all over the river. And the trout were slurping away on the surface like demons. Now, as we all know, midges are very small, and midge flies are hard to tie. Andy found one size #24 gray midge in the corner of his flybox. It was a spot-on facsimile of the naturals that were buzzing around his head, flying into his ears, and up his nose. He cast that fly, and nothing happened. He made another cast. Nothing. The fish ignored it, but kept slurping away at naturals. Finally, on this ninth cast, a fish rose, ate his fly, and promptly broke the tippet. "Dang, I don't have anything else that small," Andy admitted to Dan.

"Don't worry, that wasn't a very good pattern anyway," said Dan. "Here ... let's try this." Andy gave Dan a "You're kidding me" look as they tied on the next fly. But after one cast, boom, they hooked a fish. Andy was a believer. What did Dan tie on, and why did it work?



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sz 20 G nat? midges be mating.

tim romano


That's what I would have thought. While i think a griffiths nat would do the trick - Kirk has something else in mind. Keep guessing.


cdc paradun grey #22

tim romano


getting closer.


Matt's Midge - Small, light hackle, and sparse poly wing


By the way - who was the artist on the picture?


a tiny floating hare's ear.


tim romano


me, sort of. why

Stan Holuba

a henweigh

as moeggs


Chad Miller


Guess it has to be a comparadun. 18 or 20. I've seen the trout ignore the midges to slurp these duns.

Blue Ox

Wooly bugger?


a small adams


A Stimulator would stand out among all those small midges.

A Bartkowski

Chernobyl Ant - throw foam or go home...

Tim - Artwork is good. We know Deeter can't draw a stick figure.

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

Lol a bart, true but in my idea a size 24 paradun tan


umm, berkley powerbait? fish pellets b/c they were recent stockers?

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