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February 05, 2008

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Lego My Fly

Sick of fish porn?

Forget Mongolia, Steelhead, Argentina, Tarpon or any other "extreme" fly fishing films you'll see this year. This one takes the cake. One part legos, one part cabin fever, and a whole lot of beer I'm sure.

Lego my Fly is the most creative film on fly fishing I've been sent in a while. We can thank our friend Will Rice for this little cinematic masterpiece. God only knows what Will was Googling...




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Blue Ox

Creative is an understatement!!

Evan V

I'm worldess with amazement.


Timmy - You are probably kicking yourself as you did not come up with this. Time to put the Lincoln Logs away.

tim romano


I think I've sniffed a little too much head cement to come up with something like this, but hey - perhaps that's exactly what these guys were up to at the time.

Do you realize how long this would take? After every frame that was shot, they had to stop, move the Lego people, props and start shooting again. We're talking days...


Aww man, Even Lego dudes have a better vice than me! haha...


Lego dudes need a TV show/video series.

Do they do house renos as well?

A lot more than beer to make this. Truly genius.

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