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January 18, 2008

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Wow! Check out that fish!


Caught by April, Thompson River, British



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Makes the pics in the Women in Waders calendar look like, well, just women in waders. Kick ass fish and beautiful angler. Is this a trick? I’m worried this is going to be like a Conan O’Brien skit where the pic suddenly turns ugly. Are you baiting us and then going to morph the image in a future post into some grizzled bait-chucker nursing a hangover?

The only bad thing is the pick is so small. I'm in desperate need of some wallpaper for my computer here at work and if you can find it in your heart to post something to fit my 1152 pixel settings, I'll remember your kindness at next year's festivus for rest of us.

Just some girl

I would FAR rather see a beautiful woman who fishes than a bimbo in a bikini. I don't mind seeing beautiful women around here, I just get tired of T&A.

Great fish too... I'm jealous!

tim romano


Sorry my friend, no wallpaper sizes. Please come back to our site as often as you'd like. It will always be there for you in the Photo of the Day section.

Blue Ox

Nice fish! As for T&A- look, I'm not trying to sound like pig or anything, but if the pics had no T&A all we'd have to look at is a fish, and...just some girl... (sorry!) LOL!

tim romano

just some girl,

Well put. Glad you approve.


Tim I'm first inclined to say "what fish", but then think of the majority of the other anglers I fish with. They go by Tim, Stan, Greg, Fred or Kelly (guy). Maybe we need to start fishing different rivers?

I hope her sister was taking that picture.


The power of photo shop...


In the G. Loomis catalog a year or two back, April is in there holding another nice steelhead.


so, she was in the river wading with her long sweater hanging out in the water? i smell bullshit.

if you want to look at chicks, just pick up Maxim.

Tyler P


I got a 100$ that says "APRIL" can beat you all day like a sick puppy with her spey rods....the girl can fish and she happens to be easy on the eyes. I can vouch my credibility on the pics as for the photo shop BS....I got more where that came from.....

Don't hate the "Player"...hate the "Game" .......Cause your sorry asses have never seen wild steelhead that big west of the cascades....



maybe. no offense to 'APRIL', i don't fish with a spey rod, and maybe she can fish better than me, so what. since when has fly fishing become a competitive sport? and yeah, she's cute, but let's not get carried away and objectify women here, there are plenty of magazines for that. either way it's a stupid posed photo (you would really wear a sweater hanging out of your waders like that?). or are fly fishermen such desperate geeks that they need to fantasize with that type of imagery. look at all these comments, it's pathetic. TAKE A BREAK - GET OFF THE RIVER (or your computer) EVERY NOW AND THEN AND MEET SOME WOMEN!

by the way, i've caught wild steelhead, although not that big. but frankly, a south american dorado 1/3 the size of any steelhead would eat them for lunch all day long. not sure what your point is.


although i would have to admit it's better than looking at fat white men holding fish, and ENOUGH of cathy beck, jesus christ...

Chad Love

Forgive my steelheading ignorance here, I mean April's hot and all, but what the hell is that in the steelhead's mouth?
If I didn't know any better I'd say that was a bass tube bait.
Again, I've never fished for steelhead and I've never tried to chunk a big plastic bait with a fly rod so someone please enlighten me.


Yeah ... that steelhead deal is pretty cool, Chad. We fish tube flies, and big, gaudy streamers that would make a bass blush ... and now and again you get a buck steelhead to eat it ... in moving water. And when it happens, Mr. Largemouth ... Mr. Brown, and all others don't seem to matter anymore. Changes your world. This is a twisted realm for the angling insane ... and apparently at least one angel.


chad, it's called having your cake and eating it, too. seems that some condescending steelheaders like to claim superiority in the fly fishing world, but in the end resort to BUBBA fishing to piss off a fish in a river that isn't even there to eat.

Chad Love

Hey now, what's wrong with Bubba fishing? I am from Oklahoma you know...


haha, i'm from texas. nothing wrong with bubba fishing, except when people do it and try to disguise it as something else.


ben, you're a dork. The pic is great, nice fish and nice fisherwoman, lets keep your pixels out of it.


Beautiful girl; beautiful fish.


delaware rob

Where can I get the G Loomis catalog with April's other picture. She is simply amazing. I meet plenty of girls off the river, but none compare to her. I got to get to BC.

another voice

Hey "deleware rob" and all you others, my bus is leaving to BC tonight.....
but I don't think we will have enough room for all the "rods".


April is for real boys. She's a nice person that fishes harder than most of us ever will.

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