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January 30, 2008

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The Disappearance of Stanley Bain

-By Will Rice

"There was no evidence to show they’d been around. There were no boats, no wreckage. There was nothing." - Henry Bain. Andros Island, Bahamas

Stanley_bain_boat_3On the morning of August 5, 1995, Stanley Bain stood in front of his Cargill Creek Lodge and surveyed the small flyfishing empire that he’d built. The resort sat near the North Bight on South Andros Island, The Bahamas, concealed among lush tropical gardens and manicured lawns. Three satellite cottages peppered the outskirts of his property, which included an in-ground swimming pool and a Cessna 402 for his more affluent clients who wished to arrive via private charter. And surrounding it all were some of the most productive bonefishing waters in the world.

Stanley was preparing for a two-week fishing trip to harvest lobsters for the coming year’s clients. A recent hurricane had just passed and he and his brother William were getting a late start on opening season. But soon after fueling up the 36-foot Luhrs Sport Fisherman and two Dolphin skiffs that would accompany them, Stanley, William, and three lodge employees set out into the emerald waters surrounding Andros. As they headed away from Cargill Creek, the group passed Simon Bain, another of Stanley’s brothers, who was returning with a client from the North Bight and Moxey Creek after a morning chasing big bonefish. Simon ran his boat close in front of his older brother’s cabin cruiser, and he can still remember his two brothers laughing as he passed. It was the last time he would ever see them. Stanley Bain and his crew of four disappeared that day forever.

To continue Will Rice's, The Disappearance of Stanley Bain click here and finish reading at The Drake Magazine. It's not that long.  Go get a fresh cup of coffee, take your ten minute break and enjoy a good mystery story.




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drug deal gone bad, probably, don't doubt that possibility for a second. of course, nobody knows. but caribbean waterfront, no coast guard, private landing stips. all these fishing operations in the caribbean are perfect for drug running. hell, they can make way more money than catering to silly fly fishermen.

simon bain

my brother was the bigges contractor in the bahamas, he buid the nassau international airport for 120 million dollas,
the guy that write this story need to no how hard stanley work .
you people need to get the fully story
from the people that no a really man.
the guy that write this need to check his story now.
in nassau stanley owen 300 condo.
build over 4 thousand house for bahamian

so please if you do not no a man call him
yes sir.
bonefish simon

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